145 – Expectations

tfw everyone expects everything of you u _ u


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  1. Playwars says:

    Well, if there ever was a time for Flux to slip up an unintentionally speak French, that was it. I’m not sure if she is trying to use French words in conversation because she’s been programmed to do so, or if her primary language is French and she uses some of the word in english. But if it’s the latter, it might be a nice touch to have her answer ‘Quoi ?’ instead of ‘What’. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done that when I get really surprised.

  2. TorchicEX says:

    Wait does Flux and Pivot have the same pink eyes? Surprised it took me this long to notice. Hmmmmmmm. Suspicious.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the lighting on this page! Very moody but still colourful. Good stuff!

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is going great i only wish the chapter releases are faster 🙂

  5. Eli says:

    Wow I caught up and I love the story

  6. Chromoid says:

    Poor Pivot. She is so overwhelmed with this job and nobody has any clue what she’s shouldering in secret.

    She definitely needs some time off and probably someone she can confide in.

    1. Alezban says:

      Well, I think she’s also grappling with an existential crisis. She was made to be a surrogate body for Piper and while she has her personality, she lacks Piper’s memories. Now Socket has been put in a position where she is in danger and while there’s the ‘backup’ in place, one must still ask if a person is their personality and memories, or the physical form they’re inhabiting?

      Personally, this is exactly where I was hoping this was going from the first few comics, but its a fun philosophical question.

      1. Anonymous says:

        if I’m not mistaken, that’s kind of a question that was indirectly addressed in Girls’ Frontline, since their bodies can be destroyed, but they can back themselves up to a server if they have a connection.

        it caused significant despair when they were cut off from said server-based lifeline. Even though they were made to be tools of war, they were scared, a few might even have cried.

  7. Darkclem says:

    Ok, i already have the fellings flux was weird
    but now im sure of it. She is up to something…

  8. Ditidos says:

    Wait a second, is Socket getting jelaous in the last panel or am I not reading her expression well? Jajaja

    1. Zedrin says:

      it’s more meant to be an attempt at sympathy. Like “Wow you’re popular! But you don’t seem happy about it…”

  9. Stone says:

    Once again: poor PV. She’s got so much one her plate right now. Can’t blame the girl for wanting to take it easy.

    But… there’s something else that made me wonder. I went all the way back to chapter 5, Titans to check on something and… is it just me or does Flux behave really suspicious? I mean, jumping to conclusions about PV’s assignment aside, her reaction is just feels like she’s dumbfounded because someone just threw spanner in her works. Plus, go all the way back to page 83. I never noticed it back then but… she’s downright ominous the moment she enters the stage. And it’s all just so convenient she appeared the second the real threat, adult Behemoth, set foot on the land. Not to mention taking it out in “there’s no kill like overkill” style. I’m not going to say that she might have some ulterior motive for doing what’s she doing, maybe being shady is just in her nature… but it’s just as Relay said. “Too convenient”.

    Can’t wait to see how the action develops~

    1. Bruh says:

      Well, think about it from her perspective. She was built for combat, and nothing else. She most likely has some sort of threat detection, so she might notice something off about PV, and assume accordingly. In this scene, it makes sense, as to her, someone just declined her life’s entire purpose, of course she’s shocked. As well as the fact that she is most likely programed/learned to/ or was just born with a love for fighting and weapons, so it makes sense she’d want to see PV “in the ring” so to speak. Also what makes you think the laser kill was overkill? to me it seems like it was a pinpoint shot with a high powered piercing laser weapon for a one hit kill, not like a megidolaon. Also, ” appeared the second the real threat, adult Behemoth, set foot on the land” is just blatantly wrong. She shot it from on top of a building at least two blocks away, and flew down from there.

      1. Stone says:

        I like your idea with Flux being fully focused on combat and thus reacting strange to someone denying opportunity to be full-time combat agent. That does make sense.

        As for overkill, I meant the in-universe reaction of the present characters. The Police Chief(?) guy downright states that this kind of firepower can’t be illegal. Hence my deduction that Flux’s abilities are out of ordinary. You’re right it was pin-point shot. I didn’t say it was a collateral, only that it’s was overwhelming attack. I mean, that Behemoth’s head was literally vaporized through clean.

        Finally, what you pointed out, that she shot it from the top of the building is *exactly* why I said her appearance was suspicious. The adult Behemoth showed up and in that exact moment Flux was already in position to shoot it from a vantage point. Just as if she knew what’s coming. More reasonable course of action would be to rush to the shore. But she instead took her time to climb the building for whatever reason which ended up giving her opportunity to use her big showy move and exterminate the Behemoth with extreme prejudice. For all we know she could be waiting there for some time, before the adult Behemoth showed up. Though that’s only my musing and not stated fact. You can’t deny however that it’s weird she apologised for “being late” and wasted time to climb the building before she even knew Behemoth was coming, while she could as well shot it down from the ground. Of course the flaw in this logic is just that she could’ve wanted to shoot that juvenile Behemoth instead, though it’s still weird she didn’t rush to the scene as she did another time.

        1. Bruh says:

          For your first objection, you have to take into account the police chiefs obvious “dislike” for robots, and the fact that she wasn’t arrested and continues to fight as a merc shows that it obviously wasn’t illegal. He was most likely looking for any reason for Flux to be arrested. For your second, that’s a little easer to disprove. Remember, Flux can fly, so she most likely didn’t climb the building, instead flying through the city over building level so she didn’t hit any structures, and landing on a good vantage point.

          1. Bruh says:

            Oh and the weapon flux used obviously needed to charge before use.

          2. Stone says:

            Disliking something does not equal judging something outright illegal. The Police Chief can dislike robots all he wants but he has no right to take them down just because he wants to. Why wasn’t Flux arrested right there is anyone’s guess at this point though.
            Your second counter-“argument” disproves absolutely nothing. It’s still more reasonable to expect Flux to rush- oh, excuse, me… *fly* to the actual shore in case her amazing skills are needed for something else than shooting a wave motion gun across long distance. And your point with her getting good vantage point is exactly why I brought this whole thing up in the first place.

          3. Stone says:

            Hm… I can’t seem to reply to the message on Flux’s weapon needing a charge so let me reply here instead.

            That… changes basically nothing? From the moment Flux appeared on the scene, to when she fired her OP weapon, the adult Behemoth haven’t manage to lift a finger. If taken at face value, Flux’s need for “charge” her weapon is completely negligible.
            Or if you want to play that card more, and assume she needed longer charge, then it only makes her even more suspicious because she shouldn’t have known in advance that the adult Behemoth was coming. After PV and company took down the juvenile one, there was no reason for her to charge her powerful, and probably “costly” in term of energy needed, weapon.

          4. Bruh (UMG) says:

            Since I can’t reply to your response to my response about charging her weapon, Here is my response: We don’t see how long it takes flux to charge her weapon, and for all we know she could have been charging it to attack the other behemoth, as that might actually be the best and least destructive ranged weapon she has (she is a combat bot). As for her flying to the beach and attacking, her melee weapons most likely would have not done the necessary damage, so attacking from a distance where your safe while you charge the beam is a better option. (you are right about the arrest thing though, I will concede, It is anyone’s guess)

    2. Anon E. Moose says:

      Anon is confused; I see no Flux on page 83. Flux appears in 91 tho

      1. Stone says:

        Whooops. Yes, I meant page 91, no idea why I wrote 83. Sorry about that.

        1. Anon E. Moose says:

          S’fine. Just thought for a moment you knew something we did not ¬-¬

          1. Stone says:

            Hahaha, I see~
            Well, if I find out something interesting I’ll be sure to bring it up in the comments section.

  10. Anon E. Moose says:

    Flux looks a little…nonplussed. You could almost say she’s a little non-*fluxed.*

    …I’ll see myself out.

  11. Commodore James says:

    “Oh, Flux”
    Now I know how to censor the F bomb.

  12. ManInAVanWithAPlan says:

    Tfw that feel when existence is
    Is pain.

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