149 – Landlord

Pivot ready to commit a violence (in minecraft)

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29 thoughts on “149 – Landlord”

  1. Casey says:

    The instant I saw the first panel I thought of that meme where Peter griffin says I just want to shoot him

  2. An Idiot says:

    What we expected was gonna happen happened, pivot takes socket to her house.

    1. SF-05 says:

      Good hru

  3. ChaosLord57 says:

    I really like the Story and the characters

  4. SF-05 says:

    I love character/relationship building, it so sweet to see what goes on behind Pivot’s life on the front. Also Pivot take it from me, accept the promotion, you’ll be given extra resources and training opportunities and you can use that to better protect the ones you love.

    1. JoyKillz says:

      and there is a simple solution to the “If I die is what they reload me” question is: Don’t Die.

  5. Ace says:

    btw I think she is talking about Pivot’s Lease not Socket’s

  6. Transformer418 says:

    “I just want to talk”
    *pulling out giant fists*

  7. Anonymous says:

    “you’re staying with me tonight”
    “but that would break the lease!”

    Wait, that mean Socket spending one night out of her “apartment” is against the contract?

    That’s uh
    Alright then

    1. robnot says:

      Socket already spent one night at Pivot’s..
      i think she (Socket) meant moving..

  8. NexusEye says:

    Pivot seems to love collecting new roommates doesn’t she. First the thief’s sister and now her girlfriend.

    1. CeeSea says:

      Her strays are better at paying rent than she is, so it’s green!

    2. Anon E. Moose says:

      Given how much Socket had to have been earning on a weekly basis, think this still turns out to be a net gain in Gladys’ (Pivot’s roomie) book.

  9. JoyKillz says:

    That landlord is gonna look like a soda can a boxer just finished.

  10. robnot says:

    4,400 credits or 1800 usd,, a month..
    an depending on location, that might be a “Deal”..
    a 10 x 10 room to let, in Hawaii (1990) was 1,100 usd. in Denver (2000) near A.C.C. room to let was 1,500 usd , not including utilities,, (1,700 ave.) .. an then,, NYC. bout 2,000 usd..
    ..now by Pivot’s reaction, im guessing , this location is a , average 1,100 credit a “MONTH” place..

  11. Alezban says:

    Well, looks like I was somewhat correct; under the Home Sweet Home comic I left a comment about there possibly being some kind of anti-android redlining going on, and that looks like it’s the case here.

  12. Judeo says:

    Pivot: HOLY-
    Socket: I did…
    Landlord?: LE GASPE!
    Pivot: Ok, Socket, we gotta go! Thank-you-for-your-introduction-mister-landlord-sir-but-me-and-my-friend-are-about-toleave-kthxbai!

    1. TorchicEX says:

      This one is great.

    2. Angel of shadow says:

      You missed the part where pivot beats the snot out of the landlord

  13. Anon E. Moose says:

    HA HA! Panel 1 memes XD

    1. Anonymous says:

      Given everyone’s reaction to the previous post… Apparently there is a line forming for the same idea

  14. MegaBoltX says:

    Socket, just let your bae do this for you.

  15. Commodore James says:

    Okay, Pivot, just chill. You don’t need to- oh okay then.

  16. Careblood says:

    Landlord’s insistin’ on a fistin’ and Pivot’s ready to deliver XD

    1. Marine1337 says:

      Pivot aught to Cave the Bastich’s Skull in for ripping off Socket like this

      1. Katrina says:

        The word “aught” is a noun-like word. What you meant was the verb “ought”.

      2. Angel of shadow says:

        Ghost rider still won the death battle against lobo

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