151 – A new place

Update 151!

Gladys has some ideas for living arrangements.


16 thoughts on “151 – A new place”

  1. SF-05 says:

    I really do think Pivot will take the promotion to help pay for rent.

    1. Tooniator says:

      It’s the underground railroad. She is being railroaded into taking the job by outside forces.

  2. An Idiot says:

    I had to I’m so sorry. Also does this mean that Pivot is going to get the Sigma job?

    1. anarcho-commie says:

      is zed gonna get into the horrors of the gig economy?

    2. SF-05 says:

      She might

  3. Anon E. Moose says:

    …we still see Gladys somewhat regularly yes? She’s like the group den mom at this point. Or big sister of reason and ideas. And right now feels like she’s being put on The Bus™ though it’s still understandable given the lack of time in the comic she’s been getting…

  4. Judeo says:

    Pivot: Sounds like a plan to me!
    Socket: I’m not so sure about this…
    Collet: It’s okay, Socket, we’ll find a place.
    Pivot: Socket, can I see your registration. You keep telling me it’s sketchy, but I’d like to see for myself.
    Socket: Umm, ok.
    Socket shows her registration form.
    Gladys, Collet, Pivot: Whaaa?
    Socket’s registration form is written in crayon and has misspellings.

    Pivot: Socket…you need to get an ACTUAL registration form.
    Socket: This isn’t a registration form?

    1. Anonymous says:

      damn i love the predictions even when they don’t happen its fun to imagine the situation

    2. Anonymous AMOGUS says:

      And then…
      E X P E N D D O N G

  5. Cfox says:

    Three working girls together in same apartment.
    This could get interesting…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Prediction. They get to new place and socket trys to take up as little space as possible while covering enough of the rent for 3 people…
      And pivot is having none of that

  6. Darkclem says:

    to lv of paris appartement to a real house
    fair trade i say

  7. m0use says:

    Everyone looks so cute!

  8. Hermes141 says:

    Oh sweet, new place. Also, obligatory “first.”

    1. Careblood says:

      Second XD

      1. Anonymous says:

        obligatory “second”

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