Pivot Plushie!?

Hey ya’ll, it’s been a while.

I come bearing a huge announcement: Pivot currently has a petition up on Makeship to produce a plushie! This is a preliminary petition, requiring $2 pledges, 200 in total over 7 days, in order to secure a full crowdfunding campaign at a later date. The pledges also count to your preorder at a later date if and when the full campaign launches.

If you want to pledge, head over to Makeship!

Apologies to those who were hoping this was an announcement of the comic’s return, but I figured you all would be interested in this as well!

I do want to revisit the comic some day, though it probably won’t be in comic form. I’ve been working a lot on new concepts and overhauling the story to make it flow better and involve the themes I actually wanted. Can’t really promise anything yet, though.


One thought on “Pivot Plushie!?”

  1. Zedrin says:

    I think the email bot also mislabeled this as a comic update, so sorry to anyone who got their hopes up 💀

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