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The Comic

PV02 is a sci-fi adventure webcomic revolving around the robot girl Pivot. Designed without a definitive purpose, she’s attempting to determine more about her origins.

The story takes place in a post-cyberpunk world. Technology has advanced to create robots with sentience. Other races also co-exist with humanity, such as dagonians (an aquatic race) and demis (hybrid humanoids with small animalistic features). That said, most of the conflicts and story developments are focused on characters.

It largely started out as a random ask blog on tumblr that was gradually built up into a full story, so some details might be a bit rough or will shape up as time goes on. It updates every Sunday!

If you want to read older posts, they’ll be up here eventually, but for now you can catch them in the archives on http://pv02.tumblr.com/


The Author

Zedrin is an animator and an artist of multiple focuses, both safe for work and adult oriented (but with care to keep them separated). He is a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, especially when it comes to robots and monsters. He works a lot with character design and formerly ran the youtube channel SFS Animation as the animation director. On his personal youtube channel he posts art timelapses, animations, and art and animation tutorials. He sometimes does a bit of voice acting as well.

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