Pivot Plushie!?

Hey ya’ll, it’s been a while. I come bearing a huge announcement: Pivot currently has a petition up on Makeship to produce a plushie! This is a preliminary petition, requiring $2 pledges, 200 in total over 7 days, in order to secure a full crowdfunding campaign at a later date. The pledges also count to your preorder at a later date if and when the full campaign launches. If you want to pledge, head over to Makeship! Apologies to those who were hoping this was an announcement of the comic’s return, but I figured you all would be interested in this as well! I do want to revisit the comic some day, though it probably won’t be in comic form. I’ve been working a lot on new concepts and overhauling the story to make it flow better and involve the themes I actually wanted. Can’t really promise anything yet, though.

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Updates, The Return of PV02, etc.

SO, Pv02 has been in hiatus for a little longer than originally expected, because I got some contract work right when I wrapped up the chapter. There’s also a lot I need to rethink / overhaul for PV02 itself. There’s something big for the end of this next chapter that I want to make sure I can finish in time, and I wanna make the world feel more unique and work on my backgrounds. I need to do some worldbuilding concept art tbh when I get a chance. Being able to take up 3D would help with this as well. Luckily, my contract is almost done! At the time of writing this, I have one more video to make (last of 6). In the meantime, have some art of Socket’s halloween costume this year! You can get this as a poster over on Crowdmade, or as a wallpaper over on Patreon. As a reminder, I also have a Discord server […]

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Art archives have been updated!

I finally scrapped the Photogallery plugin I was using and replaced it with a new gallery plugin. You can access the galleries via the top dropdown menus. As a result, I’ve had to actually reupload all art, both fanart and my own. If you’ve submitted art to me before and your work isn’t being displayed, get in contact with me! I may have missed it. It’s still largely work in progress. I’m trying to get the descriptions to display now as well.

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Halloween Wallpapers

There’s a few wallpaper versions of the last update! You can access them from the gallery (which contains more than just these images): [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”9″ gal_title=”Other Art”] You can also get the uncompressed sizes for free from my patreon.

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Pivot reference

Pivot’s been in need of a reference update for a long time. I finally made a new one, including notes with common details I get asked about or people are unsure of. At base this ref is designed more for animation / comic work, I kinda add in more details when doing something like a close up or a print. (On that note I really should actually sell prints.) Some elements are also totally open to interpretation. Pivot’s design / outfit is a little complex at first glance, but contains a lot of geometric patterns. This is how I keep it consistent. Some parts are flexible with how they’re drawn, such as the breaker fists, her joints (which may be more detailed on closer shots, but less detailed for animation), or the general ponytail shape / size. Her hand only has 3 fingers (most robots in her world are built this way). Her dish is detachable. So is her ponytail […]

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