093 – Conclusions

093 – Conclusions

*ominous music*

And with this, that’s the end of chapter 5!

This puts us just shy of 100 updates. Hot damn, that means I’ve been doing this for almost 2 years now. It’s more if you count the pre-boot stuff, but personally I don’t really, since I didn’t get serious til the reboot. I’ve really learned a lot about comic design, further honed my efficiency, and learned quite a bit about writing and how to better get my ideas across.

I really need to go back and sort the other chapters more explicitly, however

I’m gonna take a few weeks off to get caught up on other things / take a vacation trip. Chapter 6 will start in 2-4 weeks, depending on how it all goes!

If you’re interested, I also have a Discord server you can join to keep up to date, chat with people, and discuss the comic as well as a host of other things like games and art! (Be sure to read the rules upon joining.) https://discord.gg/w7mPFXe

And if you want to support the comic, I have a Patreon and a Ko-fi. No pressure! (Do note that my patreon is 18+ only. And don’t worry, I’m not gonna make a habit out of plugging all these. Maybe just at chapter ends.)

Thank you all for reading! Your feedback and readership is what makes this worthwhile.

Pivot reference

Pivot’s been in need of a reference update for a long time. I finally made a new one, including notes with common details I get asked about or people are unsure of. At base this ref is designed more for animation / comic work, I kinda add in more details when doing something like a close up or a print. (On that note I really should actually sell prints.) Some elements are also totally open to interpretation. Pivot’s design / outfit is a little complex at first glance, but contains a lot of geometric patterns. This is how I keep it consistent. Some parts are flexible with how they’re drawn, such as the breaker fists, her joints (which may be more detailed on closer shots, but less detailed for animation), or the general ponytail shape / size. Her hand only has 3 fingers (most robots in her world are built this way). Her dish is detachable. So is her ponytail […]

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Happy Halloween!

There wasn’t an update this past Sunday due to the repair complications. But,  I was able to get together a bit of a Halloween image. If you’re interested, you can get this as a poster or print over on Redbubble!

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website updates

I’m currently working on revamping the theme. I’ve abandoned ComicPress as it is such a headache to modify anything and looked atrocious. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a functional archive page up and running and even that’s proving to be a monster obstacle. I really wish I was better at building a website. And by that I mean I wish I had any knowledge of how to do it at all. UPDATE: got the archive finally working, but I’m back on Comicpress as there was an issue with the footer on the other theme I was using. I might flip back to the other theme once I figure out how to remove the floaty bit.

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10-01-17 No update this week

I’m still dead tired from my Florida trip and insomnia, and with 2 weeks of no drawing my skills are in the shitter at the moment, so I need extra time to get my abilities back on track. so have a tiny Pivot that is an embodiment of how I feel. Updates will be fully back on track starting next week.

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New Animation – Volt

Just a little thing I did this month for Animonthly on Twitter. I pushed my rig past its limit and broke it in some spots to figure out where it’s weakest.

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