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For New Readers

PV02 is a webcomic revolving around the robot ‘PV02 – Pivot.’ Originally it was hosted just on Tumblr, but now it’s hosted both there and here simultaneously!

This comic was soft-rebooted a few months ago. If you’re familiar with the old comics, they’re not retconned at all, but they’re not necessary to know what’s going on.

This site is still largely under construction, so you’ll periodically see changes in the coming few days (or weeks).

This webcomic also features a bit of interactivity with readers! Comments on this site as well as asks from the tumblr version sometimes can influence elements of the story. Some advice for good questions:

  • Good questions are relevant to the most recent update and don’t veer off rails. There is a set story to tell, so trying to completely upset that will be unsuccessful.
  • Good prompts are to the point.
  • Good don’t get distracted on single details for a very long time.
  • They are not drafted like roleplay. Roleplay questions, especially attempts to get me to insert your OC into the comic, immediately get thrown out.
  • Don’t be afraid to send in multiple questions or comments! There’s no drawback to sending in extra questions. Getting too many is far preferable to having not enough.

For more information on the world and everything, be sure to check the about page.