Happy Halloween!

There wasn’t an update this past Sunday due to the repair complications. But,  I was able to get together a bit of a Halloween image. If you’re interested, you can get this as a poster or print over on Redbubble!

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website updates

I’m currently working on revamping the theme. I’ve abandoned ComicPress as it is such a headache to modify anything and looked atrocious. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a functional archive page up and running and even that’s proving to be a monster obstacle. I really wish I was better at building a website. And by that I mean I wish I had any knowledge of how to do it at all. UPDATE: got the archive finally working, but I’m back on Comicpress as there was an issue with the footer on the other theme I was using. I might flip back to the other theme once I figure out how to remove the floaty bit.

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10-01-17 No update this week

I’m still dead tired from my Florida trip and insomnia, and with 2 weeks of no drawing my skills are in the shitter at the moment, so I need extra time to get my abilities back on track. so have a tiny Pivot that is an embodiment of how I feel. Updates will be fully back on track starting next week.

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New Animation – Volt

Just a little thing I did this month for Animonthly on Twitter. I pushed my rig past its limit and broke it in some spots to figure out where it’s weakest.

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