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Updates, The Return of PV02, etc.

SO, Pv02 has been in hiatus for a little longer than originally expected, because I got some contract work right when I wrapped up the chapter. There’s also a lot I need to rethink / overhaul for PV02 itself. There’s something big for the end of this next chapter that I want to make sure I can finish in time, and I wanna make the world feel more unique and work on my backgrounds. I need to do some worldbuilding concept art tbh when I get a chance. Being able to take up 3D would help with this as well. Luckily, my contract is almost done! At the time of writing this, I have one more video to make (last of 6). In the meantime, have some art of Socket’s halloween costume this year! You can get this as a poster over on Crowdmade, or as a wallpaper over on Patreon. As a reminder, I also have a Discord server […]


Art archives have been updated!

I finally scrapped the Photogallery plugin I was using and replaced it with a new gallery plugin. You can access the galleries via the top dropdown menus. As a result, I’ve had to actually reupload all art, both fanart and my own. If you’ve submitted art to me before and your work isn’t being displayed, get in contact with me! I may have missed it. It’s still largely work in progress. I’m trying to get the descriptions to display now as well.


Halloween Wallpapers

There’s a few wallpaper versions of the last update! You can access them from the gallery (which contains more than just these images): [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”9″ gal_title=”Other Art”] You can also get the uncompressed sizes for free from my patreon.