Pivot reference

Pivot’s been in need of a reference update for a long time. I finally made a new one, including notes with common details I get asked about or people are unsure of.

At base this ref is designed more for animation / comic work, I kinda add in more details when doing something like a close up or a print. (On that note I really should actually sell prints.) Some elements are also totally open to interpretation.

  • Pivot’s design / outfit is a little complex at first glance, but contains a lot of geometric patterns. This is how I keep it consistent.
  • Some parts are flexible with how they’re drawn, such as the breaker fists, her joints (which may be more detailed on closer shots, but less detailed for animation), or the general ponytail shape / size.
  • Her hand only has 3 fingers (most robots in her world are built this way).
  • Her dish is detachable. So is her ponytail technically but that’s removed a lot less often and is only done for temporary style changes.
  • Her hair is synthetic but feels like human hair, but also stays very orderly and consistent. The bangs / sideburns are more molded and are more like single pieces.
  • Skin is coated with a silicon film so she’s not hard metal all over. There is also so padding around parts like the butt / chest.
  • She has an asymmetric design which is a BITCH to animate (but worth it). It’s mostly in the head (though the buttons are easily flippable). One way to remember which way things go, her bangs sweep towards her dish and comms, which is on the right. As her comms are important to her model, think of it as going to her hypothetical dominant hand if she were to have one. (Tbh she might actually have a bit of a preference, this isn’t set in stone yet.)

One thought on “Pivot reference”

  1. Stone says:

    It s-should be against the law to let robots have t-this good looking butt!

    Just kidding. Hahaha.
    I wish I had any talent in drawing artworks. PV is such an interesting and dear character that it would definitely be rewarding to add to her collection of drawings. Mhm…

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