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Pivot reference

Pivot’s been in need of a reference update for a long time. I finally made a new one, including notes with common details I get asked about or people are unsure of. At base this ref is designed more for animation / comic work, I kinda add in more details when doing something like a close up or a print. (On that note I really should actually sell prints.) Some elements are also totally open to interpretation. Pivot’s design / outfit is a little complex at first glance, but contains a lot of geometric patterns. This is how I keep it consistent. Some parts are flexible with how they’re drawn, such as the breaker fists, her joints (which may be more detailed on closer shots, but less detailed for animation), or the general ponytail shape / size. Her hand only has 3 fingers (most robots in her world are built this way). Her dish is detachable. So is her ponytail […]


Happy Halloween!

There wasn’t an update this past Sunday due to the repair complications. But,  I was able to get together a bit of a Halloween image. If you’re interested, you can get this as a poster or print over on Redbubble!


New Animation – Volt

Just a little thing I did this month for Animonthly on Twitter. I pushed my rig past its limit and broke it in some spots to figure out where it’s weakest.