048 Practical Exam

048 Practical Exam

I think that went well. Super well.


7 thoughts on “048 Practical Exam”

  1. SKW says:

    Well, from the looks of it, atleast she’s a good shot?

    1. SKW says:

      Ah, nevermind, thought they turned around after shooting. Didn’t see the background split.

  2. Cyanide says:

    At least you run faster than the average human!

  3. AtomicRobot says:

    “OW, my RAM”…
    That was comedy gold right there

  4. RedSonic7RickOverload says:

    Well, at least you tried your best, not everyone can pass on their first time. So it will take time and you have to work hard then or do something else. Just try to be optimistic

    1. JustAWeeb says:

      The only problem is that her body is a robot so there is no muscles to improve

  5. Shade the demon says:

    You should probably mention that you copy other robots weapons when in danger to protect yourself. And that it only activates when you’re in danger. That one red dude can vouch for you.

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