051 Breaker

The big guy doesn’t really seem much for words…


Also, just want to plug a few things since I never do that:

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5 thoughts on “051 Breaker”

  1. A person says:

    No one sees an AXLE and Pivot ship?

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. RATTAN23 says:

    You know, it might be a good idea if you had someone look over your hardware at some point. It occurs to me that for all you did in the factory, it CLEARLY wasnt pure software. There has to be some sort of hardware someone could find within you that allowed you to do all that. And perhaps if you know the hardware, you can then work backwards to unlock the secrets of the software. Or have someone try and hack it into working for you, but let’s save that as a last resort.

  4. Tommy Cole says:

    That Axle guy might help you reach the potential you had back in the factory. I think you should let him give you a punch. (No pun intended)

  5. Zedrin says:

    Well that was obnoxious. Apparently something got busted in the original post so I could not get the comic to show up on mobile, and it wasn’t displaying right on desktop either.

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