I do not have a Christmas update unfortunately.

I’ve been super busy lately. I was feeling a lot of burnout when I went on hiatus from the last update, I needed to desperately get another project done (that’s going up on Newgrounds today too), and a friend came out to visit so I was busy with her for a while.

But, I still wanted to do something.

If you’re interested in getting these as stickers, they’re available on my Redbubble store!


12 thoughts on “Christmas!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    1: that looks amazing
    2: see above
    3: see above
    4: see above
    5: see above
    6: see above
    7: see above
    8: see above
    9: see above
    10: see above

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pivot and Socket eyes…
    *Romantic Music Begins Playing*
    Love it

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Stone says:

    So beautiful~
    PV and Socket looking at one another is such a nice touch.
    Also, at first I was like “we can se Flux’es pantieeeees” but then I realized my mistake and let out dull “Oh…”. Her intricate construction of, er-… hips catch me off guard to this day.
    And Collet looks so comfy. Makes me want to give her headpats.

    1. Redoneter593 says:

      Couldn’t agree more! With FluxI was like “I see London, I see France, I see …. wait she can’t wear underpants, those are her leg connectors”

      Also, whats in the box?

      1. DFroGGotten1 says:

        either a ring, or a new dress to replace the other one.
        or both.

      2. Anonymous says:

        When you think robots wear underwear

  5. realSAMGUY says:

    i love how gladys is paying no attention to anything other than her cookie

  6. Azure says:

    Holy shit those bed eyes Pivot and Socket are throwing at each other lol, that’s quality content right there

  7. Anonymous says:

    my mind went out

  8. Anonymous says:

    Striped thigh-highs are a godsend.

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