100 – Gladys


‘Fraid I don’t have anything special for update 100.

Unless you count character development as special.

Important note: updates are gonna be on an every-other-week basis for a while. I’m not 100% sure of where to go storywise to get to the next arc, and I have some things I need to work on, so the added time will help.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you’ll continue!


9 thoughts on “100 – Gladys”

  1. Don't know if questions here still work like they did on the Tumblr says:

    Pivot, who’s *your* family again? Is it Piper’s family?

  2. Baron says:

    Do you have any references or artwork of Gladys I can look at?

  3. robnot says:

    us leaving ,, don’t think so.!! since i found this comic , there have been at least 3, that banter back an forth here,, while waiting..
    so i wood say you are stuck with us.!! 🙂

    p.s. : an it’s not like i have affinity for bots 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Question is,
    What’s going to happen next?

    1. Judeo says:

      Gladys: So…while I’ve been gone…did you also happen to find money for the rent?
      Pivot: I…uhh…lost it.
      Gladys: How did that even happen?
      Pivot: Uhh…Kaiju…Attack? ( ^_^;)
      Gladys: …

      1. KryptoniteLink says:

        I’m wishing so hard this is what’s gonna happen

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yay! NEW PAGE!

  6. Stone says:

    Ah, how nice. I’m always into learning some more of the characters’ back-stories. And it’s nice to see Gladys… open up.

  7. Cinex says:


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