040 Welcome to Hell

only the dead can know peace from this hell


11 thoughts on “040 Welcome to Hell”

  1. Dreadogastus says:

    That’s one sad face robot. First customer; “Hey, Good morning! How you doin’ ?”
    PV02; “… What’ll you have?”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to Hell Pivot

  3. Evonix says:

    It would make more sense if robots needed sleep, reserch seems to indicate that it or something like it is needed for all complex minds deriving from earth principles, even octopi need sleep desipte evolving their minds seprately from humans

  4. Anonymous says:

    i feel ya pivot -_-

  5. DFroGGotten1 says:

    I like that twin-tail emote-face cat-droid back there.

    1. Sp33d_Weed says:

      You might be feeling sleepy cause of the pink adapater thing that you installed on you. Yknow the one you found in the abandoned factory. Even the amp started after you installed it. Spoiler: Also the last memory that you saw during the memory recall process was recorded when you were’nt even active. So i think that the adapter is some sort of storage device as well. It was installed in that other pivot and then you installed it and now you have the memories of the other pivot.

  6. ComradeDoose says:

    If humans can get a jumpstart from coffee, maybe you could get a jumpstart from a high voltage line? Just be careful!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Remember what happened in the logs from here mom?

      1. King Treedede says:

        i think the logs meant a really immense amount of power
        a little overcharge probably isn’t so bad

  7. RedSonic7RickOverload says:

    can you drink coffee or do have a energy charge or something (sorry if that was racist)

    1. RedSonic7RickOverload says:

      (wait a minute its 10 02 pm here i am in uk timezone)

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