041 Magical Girl

Bit of a filler update this week. I had some story stuff planned but this ask was too good not to use. :y


16 thoughts on “041 Magical Girl”

  1. Zaku234798 says:

    Do you require assistance?

  2. RedSonic7RickOverload says:

    is it really necessary to transform like some sort of magical witch girl. Why not just put an apron on

      1. RedSonic7RickOverload says:

        oh ok (sorry if i bother you)

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sailor Moon reference

      1. JustAWeeb says:

        or literally any magical girl anime

  3. Jarro says:

    That reaction at the end was hilarious though.

  4. Cyanide says:

    Should you be doing that in public

  5. Coalton says:

    Don’t we all want to go home the moment we arrive at work

  6. Random mummler says:

    Would have been neat if they made this a weekly cartoon.

  7. Anonymous says:

    At least she’s making an effort…must take a lot of work to form a dress out of thin-air, let alone in Sailor-Moon style.

  8. MMBA_03 says:

    Why does this robot have nipples?

    1. Flek says:

      Because it can

  9. Spore Cannon says:

    Holy shit were her feet always that small?
    Or are they hooves?
    Pivot anatomy surprises and confuses me sometimes.

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