063 – Ambush

Uh… maybe he’s friendly?

Another guest update by Skullylewds!


10 thoughts on “063 – Ambush”

  1. Stone says:

    Zenyatta?! What happened to you?!
    And more serious now, that one damn jump-scare for PV. That robot seems to be badly damaged though so even if it’s not nice then perhaps it won’t pose much threat.

    Actually, now that I think about it. If it was hostile it would probably try to attack PV right away. But instead it tapped her shoulder. Maybe he’s just trying to find help?

  2. ThatEntityGuy says:

    The art style shift is kinda jarring, not going to lie. It’s a good art style, but still

    1. Zedrin says:

      It’s a guest comic. It’s only for this arc.

    2. 0w0man says:

      ye mum’s kinda jarring

  3. Yozer says:

    Don’t assume that this guy is an enemy. Even if it is, it looks too damaged to be much of a threat.

  4. RedSonic7RickOverload says:

    Told you it was behind you

  5. A Lada 2107 says:


  6. E says:

    Do NOT pass into the iris!

  7. Anonymous says:

    What for the animation

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ultron apparity

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