063 – Ambush

Uh… maybe he’s friendly?

Another guest update by Skullylewds!


10 thoughts on “063 – Ambush”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ultron apparity

  2. Anonymous says:

    What for the animation

  3. E says:

    Do NOT pass into the iris!

  4. A Lada 2107 says:


  5. RedSonic7RickOverload says:

    Told you it was behind you

  6. Yozer says:

    Don’t assume that this guy is an enemy. Even if it is, it looks too damaged to be much of a threat.

  7. ThatEntityGuy says:

    The art style shift is kinda jarring, not going to lie. It’s a good art style, but still

    1. Zedrin says:

      It’s a guest comic. It’s only for this arc.

    2. 0w0man says:

      ye mum’s kinda jarring

  8. Stone says:

    Zenyatta?! What happened to you?!
    And more serious now, that one damn jump-scare for PV. That robot seems to be badly damaged though so even if it’s not nice then perhaps it won’t pose much threat.

    Actually, now that I think about it. If it was hostile it would probably try to attack PV right away. But instead it tapped her shoulder. Maybe he’s just trying to find help?

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