064 – Backup

I see you’ve got friends.

This update was done by @skullylewds!


13 thoughts on “064 – Backup”

  1. Anonymous says:

    > override: weapons command: Password: Tulips: accepted: standby: weapons command initiative: affirmative

  2. Koren says:

    It’s the Omnic uprising all over again

  3. Spore Cannon says:


  4. Suomynona says:

    Oh no its an army of Zenyattas

    To be fair though Zen does do a lot of damage

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Spider says:

    You have friends too, don’t you remember? You’re a COMM model, babe…

    1. A_creator says:

      youre right, i almost forgot…

  7. RedSonic7RickOverload says:

    Flee now or find a carboard box or a bomb or something

  8. Anonymous says:

    Run. Run like the Dicken’s.

  9. Toadlover404 says:

    …Pivot. Hurry.
    >Override. Now.

  10. Stone says:

    Oh no! Robo Zombies! Aim for the head PV!… or wherever does they have their CPUs.

    Actually, now I’m curious, where DO robots typically have their… equivalent of CPU and main “memory” plus personality storage located at? Head is immediately obvious answer but it would make sense to hold those pieces in chest as this would normally be best armoured part of their bodies and therefore most secure place to keep them.

    1. Suomynona says:

      Having a head in the first place wouldn’t make sense. The only thing that would make sense to put above the body like that would be a camera on a kinda-gyro-type swivel. Or a laser on the same mount


  11. pegi says:

    some weapons would come in handy right about now . still that was a powerfull punch .

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