066 – Alternatives

066 – Alternatives

Robot zombies admittedly are kinda a cool way to die.


9 thoughts on “066 – Alternatives”

  1. Stone says:

    Poor PV. She needs a hug more than ever.
    Good thing that there seems yet to be chance to NAIL down the mission. Suppose it’s the purple thingy from her dream speaking to her again?

    1. LewdDude says:

      Maybe it’s PV-01 talking to her from beyond the great scrap yard in the sky.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Is gonna be RIVETING

  2. ThatEntityGuy says:

    Lmao she takes one blow and nopes the hell out of there, completely taking back the whole smug thing. Nice.

    1. Zedrin says:

      I mean the damage on her looks like there was a lot more than just one blow :V

  3. Toadlover404 says:

    Probably the first time Pivot ever said her model number out loud.

  4. pegi says:

    A nail gun , sure why not get close enough and it will pierce anything . Hopefully it will atleast give her some time to search for a exit . or atleast a way to escape that room .

  5. tuxutku says:

    oh no they still use winblows, that must be the cause of all sorts of problems

  6. E says:

    You got Rivet Cannon!
    (It’s not Magnetic Shockwave but it’ll do.)

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