065 – Attack


Another of the guest arc by https://nsfwskully.tumblr.com/!


13 thoughts on “065 – Attack”

  1. Cinex says:

    The last image: Pivot gets hit by an enemy.
    A random ad below the comic: “Does love hurt this much?”

  2. Toadlover404 says:

    I just noticed a typo.

  3. Bob says:

    What’s up with the link to Skully? Did they change names?
    When I go to the PV02 tumblr page the link leads to skullygooch.tumblr.com

    Its just bizarre because I assume that Skully is the one doing the water-marking for these strips.

    1. skully says:

      sowy, just indecisive on my blog name. it’s called nsfwskully and is going to stay that way.

    2. skully says:

      Sorry about that. Just indecisive about my blog’s name. It’s nsfwskully and is going to stay that way.

    3. Zedrin says:

      Nah, I do the watermarking.

      He’s been changing his URL a lot frequently so I haven’t really had a way to make it consistent.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There’s no way you can take all of these guys on by yourself. You should call for backup.

    1. Bob says:

      Zing! Wicked pun.

  5. ThatEntityGuy says:

    “Intruder”? I’m feeling like those bots are security for the building, and this fight is a big misunderstanding.

    1. ThatEntityGuy says:

      Also pivot is being way too overconfident. This is gonna come back and bite her isn’t it

    2. Butterbeer2 says:

      I was thinking the same thing especially because the coloring of the bots

  6. pegi says:

    well there goes another set of clothes

  7. Stone says:

    Uh-oh… that got really rough really quick.
    Go PV! Show them what you’re made of!
    . . . figuratively speaking. Keep all of Your internal devices intact AND inside of you.

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