080 – Karaoke

This update is silly


27 thoughts on “080 – Karaoke”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Going into the karaoke I was like “well fuck ” then I remembered that she’s a comms bot

  2. Vee says:

    “Broken Utau”

    Underrated reference

  3. Triforce of Doom says:

    I need the HECK & WHY shots as reaction images.

  4. AddieApple says:

    Someone’s been cating up on Aggretsuko.

  5. nightwolf37 says:

    this will either be epic or embarasing…….or a bit of both 0_0

  6. luna_paradox says:

    so i have a question are there special frames for robots like some based on mythology or fantasy for like festivals or events or theme parks or conventions or are they common?

  7. NS East says:

    Well, this is gonna be awkward. Could you do anything, Like pretend to shut down?

    1. NS East says:

      Sorry, duplicate comment

  8. NS East says:

    Well, this is gonna be awkward. Could you do anything? Like pretend to shut down?

  9. Ghost_Writer says:

    Aggretsuko or not, this is gonna be epic. Sing your heart out girl!

  10. MegaBoltX says:

    Well this should be fun~

    1. Anonymous says:

      Anybody noticed the song in the first frame? 🤣

  11. Anonymous says:

    Will the AMP absorb the microphone?

    1. NS East says:

      Why would it?

      1. Anonymous says:

        It looked like the AMP was starting up, and it absorbed the Rivet Gun.

  12. Daybreaker7 says:

    Get ready everyone, I think we’re all about to witness the voice of a goddess.

  13. Toadlover404 says:

    …Something tells me Pivot’s singing is going to be heavenly…
    Thanks to that pink core… whatever the strict name for it is. AMP?
    I already can’t wait to see how this is going to turn out.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is Pivot’s tail smaller?

  15. Zedrin says:

    Also I just know everyone’s gonna thing this is an Aggretsuko reference. But, tbh this arc has been in planning since like November of last year :V

    1. MegaBoltX says:

      You doing an animation for anytime, Pivot goes purple like this?

      1. NS East says:

        I honestly don’t think anything will happen. But maybe something will smash through the wall before she starts. Who knows?

    2. Anonymous says:

      just because you planned it back then doesn’t mean you can’t slip a reference in for fun.

  16. DENWA says:

    wtf lol it looks like PV just reached a state of super high tension XD

    also if you know where that’s from then i love you

    1. Renadt says:

      Dragon Quest 8. In 11, they made a similar system, but for the life of me, made it more or less random for 85% of the game, and only in the end/post game give you ways to activate it at will, either through a skill (only the main character, tho) or through items. But they did give you cool abilities for having people in said state of “pep.”

  17. Stone says:

    Huh… Seems that PV is going Super Saiyan.
    I wonder if that makes her Pivot 03 then.

    1. MegaBoltX says:

      No, not “Super Saiyan”.
      She’s going “Ultra Instinct” on us~

      1. Anonymous says:

        ultra instinct aw man the as we know it might parish

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