094 – Celebrity

094 – Celebrity

We back! It’s one day later in the world of the comic.

Talking heads debate robot rights!

Pivot’s excited to be on TV!

Gladys has finally returned!

Collet is concerned!


12 thoughts on “094 – Celebrity”

  1. Toadlover404 says:

    you spelled ‘behemoths’ wrong
    That aside…

    …clever comment.

  2. Redoneter593 says:

    I think well is an understatement Collet.
    And Pivot’s pose is perfect for some meme shit posting, although I completely lack the skills and knowledge to do so.

      1. Toadlover404 says:

        I cannot wait to see the many shitposts to come out of that.

  3. Judeo says:

    A new chapter begins!
    Maybe now’s the time to pay the rent. Right, Pivot?
    …Were you even paid for that?

    1. Anonymous says:

      How much does the rent even cost??

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well… At least Pivot is happy about the news (and by that I mean happy about being IN the news)

  5. Cinex says:

    “Don’t kill them, they’re very rare! Screw the fact that they pose a threat to hundreds of civilians!”

    Also, Mr. Commander, THAT’S RACIST!

  6. Random mummler says:

    Aw, I caught up :<
    Guess I will have to wait till next year before there are enough material to binge….

  7. littlebeast says:

    how about “Live capture is way harder than killing most of the time and requires resources that ain’t nobody got at this point”

  8. Anonymous says:

    Say Zedrin, is it possible to ask for a layered .ai/.ps version of the pose instead of the .png for better edition methods? I’m a lazy bum and I hate to crop images and I’m sure people would love that as well.

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