115 – Soon

Gosh Pivot you slept in late.


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  1. Palpa-Dog-82 says:

    I love this comic mah dude(and or dudet) tis certainly a shame i knew bout Pivot in your channel in YouTube thx to the shorts animated vids yah had there and by shame I meant me knowing about the “shorts” yet not knowing about this comic. *Feels bad* straight up I’ve even place yah work in my lil archive just to not miss another part of this story. It may be short but it’s worth every minute of it hope you’re able to finish this story in the future and yah “Hero the Dense” series in YT since tis an adorable animation xD My apologies if my grammar is dung. I hope 2 see more of your works especially both Pivot/Hero (i think his name is wrong was it Hiro?) •∆• *cries in NEiR* ??? OwO

  2. Anonymous says:

    Quick question I’ve been thinking about, if it’s illegal to put a human Mind into a cybernetic format, what are the cyborg laws, and the views on prosthetics, if you had, say, weaponized arms and legs as a human with prosthetics, would you be able to file with vigilance?

    1. Anonymous says:

      What if you amputated both forelegs of bipedal grizzly bear and replaced them with chainsaws?

  3. Bulbamaster4851 says:

    Wow…i stumbled upon your youtube a while back, of course, saw hiro the dense, but then saw that you did other stuff. since it the whole hiro thing was new, i wanted to look at your other stuff, wow i love this commic so much. i don’t read…like ever, but this got me hooked immediately. i really enjoy the style you are taking with this…frankly, i look forward to the future of this. As a fellow creator i like seeing other’s work so i can look unto my own and see what needs work. to be frank, i’d be lying if i didn’t see designs i’d like to use, which is saying something considering i try my absolute hardest to try and make original designs for my characters. great work man. certainly inspires me to actually continue my story…something i haven’t done in…let’s just say a while. Keep it up. i’ll certainly follow you.

  4. Judeo says:

    I’ve always wondered what AMP’s voice was like…
    Is it like JARVIS from Iron Man?
    GLADOS from Totally Spies?
    XO from LOL’s GGMF skin?
    Felicity from BLPS?

    Is AMP British?

    1. RATTAN23 says:

      I’m… I’m sorry… GLaDOS from… Totally Spies?? What? GLaDOS is Portal!

      1. Judeo says:

        I meant GLADIS!
        But yeah, GLADOS from portal would also add in to the question.

  5. Chromoid says:

    I love that the A.M.P. is already cataloging all weapons she’s used previously. And I’ve only just now realized that “Breaker.amp” comes from its analysis of the Breaker unit that tried to kill her in the factory! So this means… she can literally manifest ANY weapon or tool that she comes into contact with!

    …and also has some “interesting” applications for time alone with Socket as well. And I think given Socket’s name, we all know exactly what at least one of those applications might be. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. zophah says:

      Now I’m imagining A.M.P. manifesting Socket’s modifications for Pivot to use.

    2. robnot says:

      ..cool idea,, but shouldn’t she have Axle’s gun then too.?

      1. Judeo says:

        On both instances she got those weapons, she was in her perceived do or die scenario. Axle’s gun was not analyzed as she was directly focused on the enemy at hand. The AMP deduced that Axle’s weapon was insufficient. But seeing that the only weapon was the breaker unit, the AMP decided that the only way to survive was to even out the odds, thus copying the breaker arms.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Speaking of socket, where is she? Am I just blind or has she disappeared, like, they were pretty close last page, and now we can’t see her in two different angles that we really should be able to see her.

      1. GE3 says:

        The internal dialogue in the first frame says Socket had work and Pivot saw her out, so this would seem to be later the next day, after Socket had left for work.

  6. Stone says:

    Oh dear… PV can willingly engage in conversation with AMP? This is new I believe and so cool too!

    Hm… AMP reports green across the board. Does that mean PV solved all of the “problems” that AMP reported in one of her “dreams”? There were quite a few of issues there which PV should be worried with.

    1. robnot says:

      i think… the “problems” with the AMP is that it was not integrated,, an could not willingly engage…
      now i think Pivot can,, at will..

  7. Commodore James says:

    You don’t know what prompted your question, Miss AMP? You’ve got feelings!

  8. RATTAN23 says:

    Ah, talking to yourself. An age old tradition.

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