106 – It’s Fine

jk no it’s not i don’t have anything for April fools this year ; A ;

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(Update: because people are getting confused: the first thought bubble is Pivot’s. The pink ones are Socket’s. I’d change the file further but like hell I’m gonna risk WordPress screwing up my file again and breaking the image.)


18 thoughts on “106 – It’s Fine”

  1. Evonix says:

    TALK to your sweety

  2. Everything’s fine, the revelations are coming more consistently and answering less questions than they create.

    To fear is to become Prey.

  3. Doc Hoss says:

    Well that’s interesting. Looks like your receiver got a boost. Maybe that program is doing more than just restoring memories. Also don’t be rude and try to not get distracted buy it.

  4. Ghost_Writer says:

    Love the look on Pivot’s face in the second panel. Too bad it comes at her expense, but hey, a little jumpscare makes sure you’re alive.

  5. Angel Of shadow says:

    I honestly think this would sell as a graphic novel. You don’t have to do that, but i would buy a physical copy of this for $10-20 CN if i saw it at chapters.

  6. Judeo says:

    Socket: Are you sure?
    Pivot: Y-yeah! No need to worry about me! Heheh…
    Socket: …I don’t believe you.
    Pivot: I’m really- wha?
    Socket: You don’t sound fine to me! Are you hiding something?
    Pivot: What? No! I’m not hiding anything!
    Socket: Pivot, you’re really making me worry!
    Socket: Please! Tell me what’s wrong!
    Pivot: I…It’s just…I had a bad dream, okay? But it’s okay. I’m still fine! Peachy!
    Socket: Omigosh! Was it because of the bed I gave you? Was it really that bad? Do you hate me now?
    Pivot: No, I don’t! I like you!
    Socket: *surprised*
    Socket: *blushes*
    Pivot: I- umm- really- *blushes*…
    *In the background*
    Collet: *gasp* *whispering* Is that what they call a lover’s quarrel? I read about this in some eastern Asian comic book! It’s from a…a…M-mongo? Mango?

    Alison: It’s called a manga. And what the hell are you doing, Collet? Aren’t you supposed to be at the counter?
    Collet: AH- I’m so sorry! Going there now! Sorry! *flees*

    Alison: *peeks at the two androids*

    1. Angel of shadow says:

      This actually looks like it would work for the next 2 pages

  7. Knightshade86 says:

    Now she has a voice in her head outside her own thoughts, this should be fun.

    1. Zedrin says:

      Those were socket’s thoughts

      1. Knightshade86 says:

        my mistake I thought the AMP was giving Pivot suggestions

  8. SerG says:

    They are soo cute…
    Wish you could draw comic faster and upload more often

    1. Cinex says:

      He can… but he also wants a life.

      1. JustAWeeb says:

        yeah as much as i wish it was faster i respect him and would rather have it take a long time and be good then shorter but worse quality

  9. matZ says:

    So… Pivot can now read minds? The AMP is getting interesting-er

    1. blaze6909 says:

      those are pivot’s thought bubbles

      1. Zedrin says:

        The first one is.
        The others are Socket’s.
        That’s why they’re coming out of her body and are pink.

    2. Zombie Jesus says:

      Pivot isn’t the narrator. We’re watching from an omniscient PoV.

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