109 – Vigilante

My wrist was bothering me something fierce so I’m glad I was able to get this done. Kinda helps that it’s mostly dialog this time.

I’m also working on a 3D model of Gyro to help me pose him around cause he is a pain to draw.

Also I’m back to Anime Ace for my font. I was always kinda iffy on Komika Kaps for my font. I switched because it was slightly more compact and had more character support, but Anime Ace’s style is slightly more appealing to me.

BTW I have a discord server! I limit the number of invites that go out, but if you’re reading this here, you can join by going here: https://discord.gg/QSZrbRg

Just please respect the rules.


13 thoughts on “109 – Vigilante”

  1. ThatEntityPerson says:

    It seems like Flux has a different idea of what danger means in regards to Pivot instead of in general with her looking at Pivot like that. I wonder if she knows things about her…

  2. Cinex says:

    Flux be like “Tch, danger. I AM the danger.”

  3. Judeo says:

    *Several members walk away*

    *Pivot, Gyro, Flux, “Mr. Hotshot ShootyMcFly”, +some others remain.*

    Gordon: …Alright, then.
    Later at Debriefing Room

    Pivot: So what’s this assignment gonna be?
    Flux: Probably something reaaaaally “dangerous”.
    Pivot: Wow, somebody’s in a bad mood today.
    Flux: Oh I’m sorry if my bad mood is getting to you, Pivot. Zey just don’t get it at all, do zey? What could possibly be more dangerous than a particle cannon dropping a Kaiju the size of ze Empire State Building? OH WAIT I KNOW, IT’S THE F*CKING SKEPTICS! I never wanted to be at ze headlines of controversy! But NOOOOOO! Ze Media, Ze Scientists, and even my co-workers are looking at me with THOSE eyes now! I just want to vlah vlah vlah vlah vlah vlah……

    Pivot: *clearly not listening*
    Pivot: Does she always get this cranky?
    Gyro: SHRUGS

    1. Anonymous says:

      I know it’s not what’s gonna happen but…I kinda want to see that in the next page.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So let me get this straight…is Pivot going to work on more major cases now? I wish her luck if so.

  5. Zodo says:

    Oooh, it’s another Communications model. I wonder how similar she is to Pix.

    1. Zodo says:

      Sorry, meant’s Piv.

      1. Zedrin says:

        she’s appeared before. It’s Relay, she’s kinda the head of communications at Vigilance.

  6. tooniator says:

    Matthew Gordon is very creepy looking robot.

    1. Redoneter says:

      He’s clearly human.

  7. Stone says:

    Hm… Flux seems to be annoyed. Why though?
    Isn’t the one mentioned by the President the orange-haired bot with MegaMan-like arm blaster?

    I mean, WE know that police is upset with the raw damage that Flux can output but… should that be the issue?

    1. E says:

      The police are assholes with a penchant for friendly fire and are likely rectally pained about the “machines” having bigger guns than them. Just watch the robots get the most dangerous assignments.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how Pivot is going to get wrapped into this and how this endeavor will end

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