113 – Sleepover

113 – Sleepover



25 thoughts on “113 – Sleepover”

  1. RATTAN23 says:

    That sneak attack… Best. Love that last panel so much.

    1. Draycexcaliber says:

      Nice one Piv

  2. Stone says:

    Critical hit!
    It was super effective.

    1. Commodore James says:

      Que Socket’s weeaboo once again

  3. ThatEntityPerson says:

    Her face is priceless

    1. Anonymous says:

      And precious! Oh wait…

  4. TheHowlingStorm says:

    Right through the heart. She wasn’t ready.

  5. Judeo says:

    Socket: I- I- uh- ye- buh-
    Pivot: Uhh, Socket?
    Socket: YES PLEASE! (≧ ᗜ ≦)

    Socket: I mean-! If you don’t mind having me… (>////<)
    Pivot: I don't mind. I'll just sleep on the couch.
    Pivot: You can go ahead and-
    Socket: But I want to sleep with you!
    Collet:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Socket: Ah-! I didn't mean that!(>////<)
    Gladys arrives home.
    Gladys: *sighs* I’m beat! Oh? Who’s this?
    Pivot: She’s my co-worker. Do you mind if she stays here for the night?
    Gladys: Sure, why not? Street’s already getting darker and more dangerous recently.
    Socket: Thank you so much! My name is Socket! Pleased to meet you~!(^∇^)
    Gladys: The name’s Gladys. If you girls need anything, I’ll be in my room.

  6. RomanQrr says:

    That will be 1d2 for unarmed strike plus 2d6 sneak attack damage.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You forgot that it’s also a crit. Double damage.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Nice try but it would be a 1d8 for base damage

  7. Cinex says:

    Last panel = best panel
    Now, we wait for PV02 in bunnysuit.

  8. robnot says:

    what everyone else said,,, love the last panel.!!
    an unless she (Socket) brought a charger,, they will have to sleep (charge) in same bed…
    tho the glow will keep up half the neighborhood..

    1. Jetsmillion says:

      Oh no, does this mean Socket is going to have to share a charger with Pivot~!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Socket is absolutely ADORABLE

  10. Toadlover404 says:

    the last panel would be great shitpost material if it didn’t have the speech bubble

  11. Anonymous says:

    Oh cool, make them do this like in this comic from 2003 http://joshlesnick.horse/?series=girly&p=25

    1. Spore Cannon says:

      Wrong link, I think.

  12. Fps17 says:

    Please please please for the love of Kawaii, make the last panel a wallpaper of poster please. Actually you could go back to some of the moments and turn them into posters.

  13. Mugen says:

    While I have nothing against the highly probable “Bunny outfit”, I sticking with the comment I left on the previous page: *Pivot should wear a Red Dress instead*.

    The bunny costume wouldn’t be that different from the costume Socket make her wear for Halloween a few months back. And I’m sure it would be more fun to see Socket “overheat” from seeing Pivot in a sexy red dress than just the cliché bunny outfit.

    Damn, I just though of what if Pivot were to wear a Buttler outfit, not during the mission, but some other time. Socket won’t survive the shock.

    1. Fps 17 says:

      What if piv brings socket to help pick out the dress for the mission and she does the hole dress montage until she makes socket overheat with the perfect outfit.

      1. Mugen says:

        I think you forgot, the costume will be provided. She won’t choose what she’s going to wear.

  14. Max says:

    Anymore swimsuit pics of Pivot? I want them please!

    1. Koopa309 says:

      Anymore? Does that means pics of Pivot in a swimsuit already exist?!

  15. I personally feel at some point during this comic it should go nsfw ish for pivot and socket, not for nut I just feel like it would be a “added bonus” per say

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