117 – Surprise

Uh oh. WhO cOuLd’Ve SeEn ThAt CoMiNg!?!


38 thoughts on “117 – Surprise”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wait wtf…

  2. Gyrre says:

    Called it!

    [I’ve watched waaaaay too many movies and read waaaay too many comics.]

  3. realSAMGUY says:

    Now this has me wondering. How does the robot hair work? Like what’s it made out of and how do they style it?

    1. Judeo says:

      Plastics, most likely, are used to make synthetic hair. It would be too hard to manage if it was a normal wig since it can still decay. Robots would most likely have these detachable hairstyles to change their looks instead of using hair wax.
      Best guess is that robot hairs are plastic matrix composites, a subcategory of composite materials involving plastic as the main component.

      1. realSAMGUY says:

        This actually makes ALOT of sense.

  4. Toadlover404 says:

    in the last page pivot’s hair was curled
    in this page it isn’t

    1. Zedrin says:

      It is. It’s just behind her.

  5. robnot says:

    Happy Birthday.!

  6. The Almighty 404 says:

    Those bunny outfits are incomplete. They need the pompom tails. You can’t be a sexy casino bunny without a cute pompom tail.
    Yes, I know, my priorities are kinda skewed.

    1. Ghost_Writer says:

      Perhaps it depends on the casino? But you have also just proven that you have spent some time staring at Socket’s well-shaped rear. Fear not, for I have found myself staring as well.

  7. ahhhhhhhh says:

    Pivot: oh hey that person looks familiar


  8. Anonymous says:

    guys be right back i gotta go take a shit

    1. Anonymous says:

      ok guys im back

  9. Radial says:

    I see Bardbot there

    1. Sentifray says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that XD

  10. Judeo says:

    Socket: Huh?
    Pivot hides behind a column.
    Pivot: [Ohgodohgodohgod…]
    Socket: Did someone call me?

    Socket: …[Back to work.]
    Pivot: Uh, sergeant?
    Andre: Yeah? What is it PV02?
    Pivot: We have a situation here. My coworker from another job is here.
    Sgt. Andre: I don’t see how that’s a problem.
    Pivot: She can’t lie. Like, literally can not lie.
    Pivot: If she sees me, my cover could be blown.
    Sgt. Andre: You’ll just have to do the mission without interacting with her. Just don’t get seen by her.
    Pivot: …Alright, I’ll try.

    Socket (from behind pivot): Excuse me, miss?
    Pivot: [OH CRAP!]

    1. Daybreaker7 says:

      Oh damn, I almost forgot that Socket cant lie.

      1. Zedrin says:

        She can lie.
        She’s just bad at it. :v she has tells.

        1. Judeo says:

          I thought it was said she can’t lie “programming-wise”?

          1. Zedrin says:

            programmed to have a tell that makes it obvious :v

        2. Anonymous says:

          Was gonna question this as unfounded from what we’ve seen,,,until I saw who posted it, lol

  11. Anonymous says:

    She probably has a night job working the club. Not like she’s ever asked her about it.

    1. glitterboy2098 says:

      Socket actually mentioned having a 2nd job she was going to be at that day, back on page 098. since it came up in reference to planning another date, i’d guess it is Pivot and Socket’s day off from the cafe.

  12. Cpt Creampuff says:

    But damn look at that cake tho

  13. Anonymous says:

    >I wonder what shall happen next

  14. Mafia Cat says:

    I did not expect socket.

    The events that will unfold will be


  15. Anonymous says:

    Well this figures…

  16. Elite Four Elijah says:

    Somehow, I feel Socket knowing Pivot’s there is going to jeopardize this operation, especially if Socket makes too much noise about it.

    1. Anonymous says:

      cliche, but relatable. some people look like each other and stress is a factor.

  17. Sentifray says:

    I think her cover is already blown, and she’s ahardly even started…

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Daybreaker7 says:

    I think Judeo is starting to predict the future.

  20. Commodore James says:

    Socket too!? Double the sexiness!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Was Socket the only one of her model? Or is it possible for identical robots to exist if they were made from the same schematic?

    1. glitterboy2098 says:

      possible? probably.
      Probable? probably not. Given that androids are clearly sentient, i suspect that most would use cosmetic mods to individualize their appearance.

      1. robnot says:

        umm no,, Socket was specifically built, (to be designers companion.) … so if any “standard” exo part were used , they would have been permanently modded so as not to cause confusion.. unlike Pivot, Gyro, or Axel ,, who are standard an look like they can hot swap parts on the fly…

        1. Anonymous says:

          So she’s one of a kind u say? 😶

    2. Colbric says:

      Back on page 77 Socket says she is modified doll frame. That would explain why there are other bots with similar aesthetics.

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