147 – Home Sweet Home

147 – Home Sweet Home

Socket’s home, revealed!


oh that’s not what ya’ll expected at all.

It’s cozy, at least…?


27 thoughts on “147 – Home Sweet Home”

  1. samiamrg7 says:

    It was explained in page 39 and 42 that “cycle regulators” are a thing. These devices cause robots that have them (like Socket and probably Pivot) to need to sleep and implies that they need some level of comfort in order to do so considering Pivot was tired after spending a night on a couch.

  2. Cfox says:

    In the back that’s ether a Murphy bed or a door with drop steps to a possible flower garden?

    1. Anon E. Moose says:

      Huh…Anon thought that was closet and dresser combo.

    2. samiamrg7 says:

      Maybe the bed slides out of that bottom drawer and the closet actually has clothes, since we know Socket likes clothes and owns a small assortment of outfits.

  3. Daybreaker7 says:

    0_0 huh, I should’ve figured it’d be an apartment, but it’s a lot more grey then I thought it’d be… it looks like someones gonna have to go shopping for a few shelves, plants, tables…and posters. 🙂

  4. Brooklyn says:

    thats sus

  5. Anonymous says:

    aww, she’s like a gamer who just had a really nice pc rig and clothes and maybe a bed and nothing else

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m reminded of a Codec conversation between Rose and Jack, where she said that his room looked like a prison cell with how sparse and spartan it was.

    Pivot? Time to breathe a little life into your girlfriend’s home. The poor thing needs it.

  7. Darkclem says:

    the best appartement, at least ist bigger that one at Paris

  8. Hurryon Dragon says:

    Uh, well. This is literally a bare bones room isn’t it.

  9. Tooniator says:

    Well, *I* want to see walls plastered with pictures of Pivot, so I hope that is the right answer.

  10. MegaBoltX says:

    Me: ………… *looks at Socket* Hello Uraraka-chan, how are yoooou?~
    (If you don’t get it, look up the dorm room episode of MHA)

    In all seriousness: Okay Pivot, time to help your bae here decorate her room.

  11. necroant says:

    Yep. She does have a built-in storage mode after all…

  12. that green neko says:

    …What’s the point in hiding nothing?
    There’s nothing in the apartment. So what does she have to hide?

    1. Anonymous says:

      She was trying to hide the nothing in the nothingness of her apartment. So basically, she’s trying to hide the fact that her apartment is barren lol

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see the issue, this is just the normal New York apartment size.

  14. Anon E. Moose says:

    …oh. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh.
    Now I get it

    …I love how Pivot came to the same conclusion as some of you other folks though XD

  15. Anonymous says:

    Socket’s apartment seems atheist for how small it is ._.

    1. HimuraBlank says:

      Do you mean “aesthetic“ because atheist just means a nonbeliever or like does not think that a God/gods exists and aesthetic is a term use in describing how things look.

      1. Airoch4 says:

        I think the word they were looking for may have been “Spartan.”

    2. Zedrin says:

      Do you mean ascetic?

  16. Alezban says:

    Well, I suppose in many ways, Socket’s apartment makes sense. According to prior comics, it would seem that andriods have only recently gotten personal rights and freedoms and so there very well may be landlords who would redline their new robotic tenants. Plus, According to what has been previously said, andriods don’t sleep, they power down without need for comfort and due to them not needing sustenance (aside from Socket since she’s a custom unit), they wouldn’t need a kitchenette. I wouldn’t be surprised if in this world, andriod apartments look like a 3m by 3m box with a wall outlet and that Pivot is the exception to the rule, living in an ‘organics’ apartment because of her unique personality matrix being an imprint of a human.

  17. Commodore James says:

    Socket’s place looks fine and basic to me.

  18. Emtu says:

    I know it’s highly unlikely, but I’m kinda getting “Bender’s apartment” vibes. (From Futurama, where his apartment is the size of a closet and his “closet” is like the size of an actual apartment.)

    1. NuclearFilms says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! It was such a good show. He might have drawn inspiration from it, although the robot apartments in Futurama are literally a 3′ x 3′ box, this one seems much larger.

  19. Judeo says:

    Already expected nothing at her apartment and got nothing. Nice.

    It makes sense since nobody ever really asks to hang out at her apartment and she doesn’t need furniture to survive at all.

    1. samiamrg7 says:

      I would have thought she would at least have a bed since robots like her and Pivot actually have to “sleep” like a human. And since Socket is a companion model, she couldn’t just zonk out leaning against the wall next to the wall plug, she would actually need somewhere comfy like a bed.

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