148 – Rent

Rent sucks.

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50 thoughts on “148 – Rent”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I know where this is going

    1. Anonymous says:

      Three possibilities.
      One socket moves in with pivot
      Two pivot has a friendly chat with the landlord
      3 robot association finds out their witness makes that kind of cash and lives in a utility closet. They come for a visit.
      Which do y’all wanna see?

  2. TimTom says:

    Socket has to be some kind of financial genius to make enough money to live there but she clearly can’t negotiate with people or say no because of her design. Pivot is totally right to be worried!

  3. Knightshade86 says:

    I imagine rent includes electricity for that big recharge station that is constantly on

  4. Anonymous says:

    $450 a week. Plus late fees.


  5. An Idiot says:

    How to solve all your money problems
    Step 1: earn more money
    That is how you solve all your money problems.

    1. TimTom says:

      Which raises the question of how Socket is getting so much money

      1. King Treedede says:

        she gets more money

      2. An Idiot says:

        Ever seen Breaking Bad?

      3. Anon E. Moose says:

        She *is* working at the cafe and the club Pivot infiltrated last chapter…a really good night as waitstaff also tends to result in a lot of money in tips.

        Anon can only imagine most of that money has been siphoned into rent, but not enough to prevent her from getting mo’ clothes.

      4. Zedrin says:

        her next venture is opening an OnlyBots

  6. King Treedede says:

    Socket should’ve gotten a better place the moment she discovered that are you kidding me?
    I blame her tbh

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pivot better marry her immediately if she has that degree of money to burn

  8. Rift says:

    Poor socket got scammed.

  9. Gojira Tanaka says:

    *neck snap* THEY ARE DOING WHAT!?

    1. Mercenaryx says:

      Somebody is gonna get up phone call real soon, And it is not going to be a nice one.

      1. Anonymous says:

        That landlords number has got to be 1-800-asshole for those of us who want to join the line.

  10. You ever get so upset your head turns 180 degrees? We’ve all been there. XD

    1. Azmus says:

      Rent that high? Hell yeah I’d get that upset.

    2. Anon E. Moose says:

      I mean…let’s be fair here, they’re both robots. No reason for their joints not to be extra flexible. Or for their necks to be able to swivel a full 360 degrees.

      How do wires and other connections stay intact in a setup like that anyway?

      1. E.N.T.I.T.Y says:

        Some weird wire connections have infinite turning.

        But still.

        $450 a week for rent fees for what is a single room with a wall dresser is extreme shit.
        That’s $1800 a month and 21,600 a year.

  11. Judeo says:

    Pivot talking with her back turned on Socket.
    Pivot: You mean to tell me that you pay your landlord 1100 credits…a week?
    Socket: *nods*
    Pivot: …For space the size of a utility closet?
    Socket: *nods*
    Pivot: *clenches fist*
    Pivot: …
    Socket: Pivot?
    Pivot: (I can’t believe I’m saying this)Would…
    Socket: Hm?
    Pivot: Would you like to move in?…with me?

    1. Judeo says:


    2. Anon E. Moose says:


      1. An Idiot says:

        Not everybody. I certainly haven’t been waiting for it.

      2. Anon E. Moose says:

        *not really but still

    3. Daybreaker7 says:

      why do I get the feeling this is 50% likely to happen? 🙂

      1. Bryan A Ungurath says:

        Said the same thing to myself

  12. MegaBoltX says:

    ………………. No.
    She moves now.
    Pivot! She’d be safer with you & on your watch anyway so, just take her home with you.

  13. TorchicEX says:

    Starting to understand why she took on multiple jobs. 450$ a week ain’t cheap…wait we aren’t going to…no you wouldn’t Zed…You wouldn’t…right?

    1. Mercenaryx says:

      He would! 🤣

      1. An Idiot says:

        W O U L D W H A T ?

  14. Daybreaker7 says:

    0_0 …Socket, Who’s your landlord? I wanna punch him/her in the face for this unfairness.

    1. Casey says:

      I’ve seen the next panel and so does pivot

  15. Hurryon Dragon says:

    Pivot, you need to get her a new apartment, like pronto.

  16. Anom says:

    450$ a week for a FUCKING utility closet.. Hmmm yea sounds about right i would’t be surprised if such a scam existed.

    1. fluffy says:

      Here that for a SIMPLE ATOMIC APARTMENT OF A PIXEL IS TREMENDOUS SCAM because paying $299.590 that’s why no one would pay that’s just… DISGUSTING

    2. Sparky says:

      A scam implies that there was dishonesty involved. It is most certainly possible (and perhaps quite likely in this instance), but not guaranteed. Some places are just actually like that (from what I understand, you could get what Socket has in NY, NY for about 2k$ a month and none of the locals would bat an eye), and speaking as someone that lives in what was a low-cost city a relatively short drive from a high-cost city, I know very well that when those high-cost folk start moving in, they never bother to check with the locals to see what something should cost and just go “sure” when offered something slightly below what they payed in the high-cost area but still well above what the locals would have paid.

  17. Anonymous says:

    450$ a week for a FUCKING utility closet.. Hmmm yea sounds about right i would’t be surprised if such a scam existed.

  18. Tahvohck says:

    Robots don’t care about your silly “human limit of neck rotation”.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Ah yes, the violent neck massage.

  19. Darkclem says:


  20. RoWan says:

    NANI TF?

  21. Anon E. Moose says:

    …Anon sorry but WHAT.

  22. Ferrum says:

    and just like that shes being moved out of there.

  23. Knightshade86 says:

    Everyone was expecting something cliche and hilarious. What we got was still cliche but now there is righteous anger

  24. Arcane Howitzer says:

    $450 a week to rent a utility closet? Someone certainly doesn’t like her.

  25. Commodore James says:

    Rent is a nightmare. Wish I just evade?

  26. Ikzog says:

    Hey first😄

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