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Just a bonus update.

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18 thoughts on “BONUS – Thoughts”

  1. ….I think this is the fabled hentai scene

  2. Judeo says:

    Next morning
    Pivot: [Awaken]
    Pivot: Socket?
    Pivot: Where are you?
    [Goes to the kitchen]
    Pivot: Hey guys, has anyone seen-
    Socket: Oh hi, Piv! (^∇^)
    Collet: Hey, Pivot! Socket made us breakfast! I didn’t know she can cook!
    Socket: Oh it wasn’t anything, really. I just looked up some recipes and followed them. (^◡^)
    Pivot: (She looks like your average housewife!)(°□°)

    Socket: Uhh, Pivot? Are you okay?
    Pivot: Huh? Oh. Yeah. I’m just surprised as Collet…(°◡°)
    Pivot: (Surprised that she looks cute in an APRON!) (>////<)
    AMP: Warning, sudden temperature ri-
    Pivot: *grumbles* Shut up! Not now!
    Socket: What was that?
    Pivot: Hm? I didn't say anything.
    Collet: (゜-゜)

  3. Fos says:

    If socket has a nose that means piv can boop it. Which would most likely cause socket to over heat

  4. zophah says:

    First off, found this great comic linked on a discord I follow. Second, is there any digital/electronic interaction between androids sharing the same charging station like this?

    1. Fos says:

      I think it’s like wireless charging a phone on a doc, but the bed is able to charge anything on top of it, but it won’t connect to the other device . So it would be funny if piv came home to find collet charging her phone and laptop on the bed, or collet actually on the bed eating chips with unlimited charge on her laptop.

  5. MegaBoltX says:

    Something tells me, Pivot might have a hard time getting some good sleep now than before she got her new bed.

  6. Daybreaker7 says:

    Wait…Breathing? …Yeah, they most certainly aren’t just mere robots. they seem pretty human to me. 🙂

    1. Zedrin says:

      Just Socket. Her origins explain all that.

    2. RATTAN23 says:

      Actually, depending on how you cool parts, breathing COULD occur. If you wanted something human like, having it be air cooled, with new air being taken in through the mouth and then forced out after it has made a pass through the systems, you would end up with something like breathing. It could even switch back and forth rather than doing both constantly, so the warm air that just circulated can clear out before drawing in new, presumably cooler air. It would even increase with more activity, as you run your systems hotter and need to circulate more air. It is a sort of fascinating way to emulate life’s need to breath in a machine, and could even result in some strange coincidences that further that, like for example needing a breathing mask for underwater so you can still cool your systems. Waterproofing doesn’t matter if your circuits are melting from heat.

      1. Colbric says:

        I am actually familiar with the idea of a robot breathing from Star Trek. There is an episode where someone is examining Data and notes that he breaths. He then gives more or less the same reasoning you did.

  7. Commodore James says:

    I have to admit. Throughout my experience of PV02 comic, this page takes it all away.

  8. Mafia cat says:

    Gee sure was nice to watch this get made.

    10/10 would think again

  9. Stone says:

    They are so adorable together.

    Hm… it also makes me think. How does falling asleep work for robots in this universe? Socket is the one supposed to simulate human behaviors yet she fell asleep as if a switch was flipped. Is this common? Or maybe they can control that and go “low power mode” at will? Could it be that PV’s ability to sleep is unique due to AMP she now has? Or do all robots dream of electric sheep?

    1. Siarles says:

      It’s not necessarily common, but it can definitely happen. I once timed how long it took for my dad to fall asleep; from the moment his head hit the pillow to audible snoring was seven seconds. He claims, and has demonstrated, that he can do this virtually anywhere, voluntarily.

      1. Zedrin says:

        Your dad is part cat

      2. Stone says:

        Oh, I never said that human beings are incapable of such feat. What I was asking about is whether or not this is constant or perhaps a variable thing that robots in PV-verse can do. Because – all things considered – they might be more capable of switching their “consciousness” state at will.

        Socket for one, said she can go into “storage mode” and sleep upright, probably implying this is conscious switch of her current state rather than slow “falling asleep”. But then again she’s quite unique so she’s not the best example of typical robot behavior for such a thing in this universe. So then I asked how do *robots* typically fall asleep in PV-verse.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Well it’s easy for people, a good bonk to the head and boom sleep, or a concussion or both, or death but hey no one specified how long the sleep lasted or if there wouldn’t be any permanent damage so meh

  10. RATTAN23 says:


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