081 – Trigger

081 – Trigger

What’s she singing, you ask?

Queen of Purple: Trigger

Two robots spend an evening singing weeb music.

(Big thanks to sakimcgee​ for helping me with the translation of the first verse!)

Also, just throwin this out there, my Patreon has a free wallpaper of that middle panel for anyone interested! (Note, might not be available til around 5pm PST. Patreon’s early access timing is weird.)


19 thoughts on “081 – Trigger”

  1. MegaBoltX says:

    For such a small bot, Pivot sure has a lot of “heavy metal”, doesn’t she?~

    1. Zedrin says:

      It’s rock, not heavy metal. Check the link in the description.

      1. RATTAN23 says:

        Ah, but rock does not specify the mineral of which it is. For all we know, it could be a type of metal. And also, it’s weight is unknown to us, though most rocks are not the lightest things in the world, so I suppose it could be, in a word, heavy.

        I am both sorry for being that person, and also not sorry enough to not post this. Stab me if you will.

        1. Anonymous says:

          That was funny!

      2. Anonymous says:

        It’s joke

  2. Stone says:

    Hahaha, PV is so awe-inspiring. Anyone would fall for her like that. Regardless of gender or…. um… amount of literal iron in the body.

  3. Toadlover404 says:

    Where did you find the lyrics, pray tell?

    1. Zedrin says:

      I translated them myself.

  4. Daybreaker7 says:

    What did I tell ya? Voice of a Goddess…if Pivot ever goes on tour…can I get tickets to a concert?

  5. Jay says:

    That last panel is beautiful XD
    Thanks, you just made my day.

  6. Spider says:

    Me too, Socket

  7. Koren says:

    Honestly, I expect this page to include one of this animation snippets of Pivot singing that you’ve made in the past.

    1. Toadlover404 says:


  8. James Games says:

    The best part of this “page” is Socket’s line.

  9. King says:

    Those last two panels are both great :D, although I really don’t get the point of censoring Socket’s line.

  10. Jazz-Zephyr says:

    Wait…did we just get a Yakuza style karaoke reality shift?!

  11. nightwolf37 says:

    im guessing that the musical talent she just adapted was from her past life?*coughs*piper*coughs*

  12. Lof says:

    I remember on the original tumblr that she said that she couldn’t sing because her voice box was bad.
    Therefore this is some big dark secret that will play a part in the next story arc.
    Or she fixed it.

  13. Coalton says:

    well at least Socket was honest to herself about being the gay

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