091 – Escalation


Who writes this crap?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ummmm… how long is the recharge on that AMP???

  2. Mot says:

    I think the next panel is a good time for Pivot to be out of commission. Why? Because every good story needs struggle and it especially needs it in it’s main character. Pivot has power but this is where she realizes her limits. If Pivot is so good at being a crazy powerful breaker why do breakers exist? Why not have OP com bots? Also I think this behemoth incident should be incredibly out of the ordinary. If it’s a normal occurrence it raises a lot of question and it turns into monster of the week. If Pivot makes some mistakes with Breaker.AMP later on that could develop her character also. More panels please!

    1. Zedrin says:

      I’m already working myself dangerously close to injury with how many panels these last few updates have had.

      1. KryptoniteLink says:

        You do you, zed, and the other guy can wait. If you want more art OP, try to learn to draw your own art. It’ll make you have more respect for the artists already out there, and you fill time for the next update. Win-Win! Again, zed, I love your work, and hope for the best. If you need a break, take one. You are human, and humans aren’t robots who can fight forever! (Yes, that’s a pathetic attempt at a joke)

      2. robnot says:

        as Krypto.. sed u do u.. .. i wood rather wait ,, ( a day , week,, a long time..) than have u hurt your self or burn out from to much art.!!!
        i like your art, an Pivot to much to see you go too soon..!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    We need this Pivot x Gyro bromance next to the Pivot x Socket romance. We need it. Let us have it. They shall become buddies and the bromance shall commence.

    1. Anonymous says:

      . . . Just how much robot fisting do you expect this ship to have?

      1. Anonymous says:


  4. Redoneter593 says:

    Crap? This isn’t a crap story. Oh and you do. You write this Zedrin. And I wouldn’t be surprised if after all this the two Kaiju just wanted to sunbathe.

    1. Cinex says:


  5. Ghost_Writer says:

    Welp! In the words of a bomb expert, it is time to “de-ass the area with the quickness”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Momma showed up? Someone answer the phone cause I F****** CALLED IT

  7. Judeo says:

    >Flux: “Pas besoin de s’inquiéter. (No need to worry.)”
    >Everyone looks behind to see Flux.
    >Flux: “We will handle this!”
    >Flux and agents from Sigma join the battle!

  8. Sentifray says:

    Socket is going to blow a socket if Pivot doesn’t get the hell out of dodge
    (Pivot please do run this time)

    1. Mot says:

      That guys arm is missing they need to get out of there. I’m imagining the robot response is more of a community service thing than an adventurers guild lol.

  9. Judeo says:

    >(I like how Peteman, Spider, Stone, Anonymous, Winter, and Toadlover404 have the same logo/icon.)
    >(Are they the same person? Who knows?)

  10. Spider says:


    1. Peteman says:

      It’s more like the thumb’s endoskeleton after the exoskeleton got busted.

      1. Zedrin says:

        That was his left, not his right. Technically he more doesn’t have a thumb, so he’s using something else in place.

        1. Judeo says:

          >(Wait, what?)
          >(It’s his right hand that does the “thumbs up”…right?)

          1. robnot says:

            your’e not wrong..
            Zedrin’s reply was ,, the damage was to his left exoskeleton, not his right.. Technically he doesn’t have thumbs, so he using something else in the right…
            .. sorry Zedrin,, i added words to try and clear it up for Judeo…

          2. Judeo says:

            >@robnot Oh, so that’s what he meant. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  11. Judeo says:

    >*Grabs Socket by the hand and runs*.
    >Socket’s gayness increased by 1.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Error: cannot add 1 to infinity

      1. Cinex says:

        Actually, you can.

        1. KryptoniteLink says:

          Wait, can you? I don’t think you can, since you can’t add anything to everything. If you have every apple in existence, it’s not possible to add another… I think

          1. Cinex says:

            ∞ + 1 = ∞ + 1
            Infinity is just a symbol. Math is math. Don’t question it.

          2. KryptoniteLink says:

            Well, I wanted to question it. I think both ways of looking at it are correct: infinity could be treated the same as another number, which would still make sense on paper. If you apply it to more than just an equation and make a real life senario with it, then I think I would be right. Granted, you can’t have infinity in reality, since everything is made up of numbers and you can’t make infinite of anything… Up to interpretation, I guess!

  12. Winter says:

    Finally!!! When all is in the shit, all we really need is a floaty-legged french android with flying swords… oh god my kinks are showing

  13. Cinex says:

    Wave 1/4 complete!
    Ready your defenses for the next attack.

  14. Toadlover404 says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    well lets see how severely outclassed everyone else is compared to flux

  16. Stone says:

    Well… uh…
    Um… Damn.
    What can I say. When It Rains, It Pours. And…
    … Oh boy, that big one is probably a mama who’s LIVID at the sight of her child beaten into pulp? And possibly killed. I mean, its neck did make very loud “crack.
    Hopefully this time they will leg it.

    1. knightshade says:

      actually that was probably the jaw

      1. robnot says:

        actually,, it looks like you are both right… punch to the jaw ,(you see teeth flying..) , that twists the head so fast that it breaks the neck… (the “crack” farther down, on both sides..)

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Piv, I wonder what your hair is made of?

    1. Cinex says:

      It’s not that hard to find y’know?

  18. pegi says:

    i freaking love Gyro he is such a loveable giant 🙂 the thumb up just makes it 🙂 also yeah now you can really how much he is damaged cause his left armor is basically gone but still he still has his arm . also aside from socket and pivot everybody got pretty dinged up , but flux will come to the resque

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