127 – Interruptions

127 – Interruptions

Comic is BACK.

I’m no longer sick.

Hivemind is pushy.


23 thoughts on “127 – Interruptions”

  1. Commodore James says:

    You better be quick Hivemind or you gettin’ busted.

  2. Knightshade86 says:

    I question is time for Pivot to miraculously get her body under control or for Socket to do something incredibly stupid for Pivots sake

  3. Anonymous says:

    These updates take forever.

    1. Error_2486 says:

      That’s fine

    2. Zedrin says:

      There wasn’t an update last week because I was sick.

    3. Stone says:

      Art takes time. I would wait however long it takes to see more of the series because it’s worth it. So just be nice to Zedrin and remember. Patience is a virtue~

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Oh hi daughter! Nice to see you!”

    1. Dr Dinobot says:

      Father of the year here.

      1. TheBoiThatJokes says:

        *laughs in “Im only going to get some milk”*

        1. Anonymous says:

          nice 😀

  5. Judeo says:

    Sharkboi: FINE! fine! Let’s get this done so we can get outta here!
    Sharkboi2: You better not be lying tin man!
    DrH: I can assure you, I am a man of my word.
    Pivot: [I…save…her…]

    DrH: Alright. Now to leave this place.
    Sharkboi: Let’s leave those pansies a little present!
    *sets up timed bomb.
    Sharkboi2: Sea* ya later, punk! BOYS! TIME TO GO!
    Sharkboi: You guys get Pearl, I’ll carry this- nggrh! briefcase! (my god it’s heavy)

  6. Stone says:

    I know Gyro was told to secure the perimeter, but it would be a lot beneficial to the “cops” if Gyro just busted those gates open. Granted, PV could get hurt if she stayed in that spot so… maybe it’s for the better.

    Also, I’m afraid that Dr. Hivemind might have some nasty trick up his sleeve seeing as he’s completely unfazed by the fact that PV is visibly ARMED and could possibly cave his face in any moment now.

    1. Spore Cannon says:

      Nice pun

  7. “Let’s make it quick, the barrier will only keep them busy for a few minutes”

    I seen enough hent… I mean, adult adaptations of classic Japanese cartoons, to know where this is going.

  8. RamDragon says:

    I really hope Pivot remembers that Piper is definitely dead and has nothing at all to do with the current situation before things get mess… nevermind. Explosions are way cooler than de-escalation.

  9. zophah says:

    If she can’t move, maybe at least she can record the whole thing?

    1. Yeet says:

      She doesn’t need to , socket is currently doing that

  10. Dr.Hivemind does not seem scared at all. But he should be. I hope Pivot to breaks his legs

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wwwwaaaait a minute…where’s Socket? Is she okay? O-O

    Or is Pivot going to have to use bonebreakers one and two to rearrange some spines?

  12. Zarvain says:

    At first, I misread the last panel as saying “the barber well keep them busy for a few minutes” and was expecting the next scene to open up with some robobarber with unobtanium shears to start attacking any and everyone by that door.

    1. Spore Cannon says:

      Is anyone willing to draw this?

  13. DrywallMan says:

    i just imagine that socket is out of frame with the most confused expression

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