126 – Hivemind

Reading the comments is always a joy to see who’s correctly predicted what happens next, and who got it wrong. :v

I cannot begin to describe how long I’ve been waiting for this moment.


43 thoughts on “126 – Hivemind”

  1. samiamrg7 says:

    AMP is like “Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger!”

  2. Xeno Shinsuki says:

    So Piper is the first version of pivot in 005 Another but for me this makes almost sense about an old body to transfer to an new body or like an old system to transfer to an new system, so it is like Piper gets transfer into her new body and become pivot but don’t remember her memories.

    1. Anonymous says:

      or is it someone else?

      (> ‘ _ ‘ )^ ?????????

  3. Yeet says:

    Am I the only one who has picked up on the fact that gyro wants a MAP of the building and has some concerned face? Would this map also display pivot’s last location as well? They asume he wants a map to cover all the exits, when he is at the only exit where the gangsters keys to their car could be if they used a caddy to park their car, which they probably did cause they’re gangsters.

    1. Zedrin says:

      one little quirk, he actually wasn’t concerned, just disappointed that he didn’t get to go with the police. You can see their helmets at the bottom of the panel as they move past him. :v

      1. Yeet says:

        Aw shit I see it now, that such a good detail that I skipped over, he’s just sad that he can’t punch anything this time, But he remembers his position in this mission. Man I’m sorry I underestimated you.

        P.s would pivot actually show up on the map cause u haven’t denied that

  4. Redoneter593 says:

    Sock’em Socket!

  5. CC says:

    Oh my goodness I’ve just realized how wrong this man is… He’s a robot with 5 fingers! Why the hell would he even do that?

  6. Mercenaryx says:

    And piper’s mom just shows up to help kick ass and she is an android as well. I would hope for mother and daughter to show up in a kick ass flash animation.

    1. Dr Dinobot says:

      I have found what I needed deep inside. That sounds awesome.

  7. Anonymous says:

    uh oh no bueno 0__0

  8. Judeo says:

    Hivemind: Piper?
    Pivot: …
    Hivemind: Excuse me, miss spy, would you mind talking some sense into my daughter? She’s at a loss for words.
    Socket: I-uhh, ok.
    Socket: Pivot?
    Socket: Pivot??
    Pivot: …
    Socket: PIVOT!
    Pivot: AAAaaa!
    Socket: Ah! You scared me!

    Pivot: I’m…sorry.
    Socket: What happened? You were frozen still for like a minute!
    Pivot: I…I don’t…
    Hivemind: Perhaps I can explain.
    Hivemind: What you experienced just now was dread. Such a strong emotion leaves most androids frozen.
    Hivemind: I’m curious as to why you even felt that!
    Hivemind: You should be happy!
    Pivot: …
    Pivot: You…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I gotta say, I was hoping for more.

    That other guy’s direction was just so much better, the one about Pivot having her mother’s Breaker and a normal comms model would be on fire. You could have probably wedged that in first and gave Pivot some swing before she was frozen, and this scene comes in.

  10. Playwars says:

    While this is indeed a big reveal, I’d like to point out that the mafia guy talking into the background and being completely ignored by everyone is absolutely hilarious.

  11. Lulu says:

    Not gonna lie, I predicted something like this to happen! But on a completely unrelated note…. sooo.. Zedrin…. buddy chum pal friend… I know this is 100% not the place but hey YOLO. I was banned from the discord server probably two years ago now. I believe that I am still banned, unless the discord invite expired. Basically, can I get unbanned yet? I can’t even remember what happened, but whatever it was it must have been bad. I’m sorry for whatever I may have done, and I think two years is enough to correct myself. Is it possible you can unban me..? (I also think you blocked me on discord too lol) Thanks for even reading this, even if I remain banned, and keep up the good work! -Lulu / Nya-Nya#9001

    1. Zedrin says:

      Ah yeah, I remember. You were banned for impersonating artists and claiming work you didn’t make as your own, repeatedly, even after being called out, and then making an alt account (“Its me again”) to try and come back.

      1. Dr Dinobot says:

        So he is not coming back. Ever. That warms the cold dead approximation of a heart I have. Justice cannot be subverted. Zedrin protects.

      2. Lulu says:

        welp…. I don’t remember that. Cant apologize for something I cant remember I guess. Could you give me another chance, I guess I was just being dumb that day. Its been two years since then (maybe even more I don’t know lol) and I believe that I have changed quite a bit.

        Just please don’t take this the wrong way, especially this part: If you don’t want to unban me that’s fine, just tell me that I will stay banned and ill be alright. You don’t have to respond to anything after this if you don’t want to.

        Again, keep up the good work for making this webcomic and stay motivated! Don’t let anyone tell you what to do.

        holy crap this sounds so corny please kill me lmfao

        1. Lulu says:

          AKA… Just say something like “your staying banned”
          literally all Im asking here is for a solid yes or no answer. I know you were trying to say no initially, but still. This sounds pushy and rude, but its not meant to be. You are free to react and interpret this however you want…. just pls… zedrin buddy chum pal.. say “staying banned” or something along those lines

        2. Lulu says:

          and now this is spammy but I want to correct myself. These parts are meant to be funny, trying to improve the mood. Except for the you don’t have to continue to react to these, you actually don’t have to. If this is bothering you, please say something rather than nothing. I just want to get on your “I don’t like you but you can stay” side at the very least.

          (((I don’t really want to talk over this, but its basically the only form of communication I have with you, besides twitter. But; I don’t currently use any social media and have little to no clue how to use twitter, as pathetic as that sounds. If I knew how to personally message you via twitter, maybe this would be less spammy. Sorry in advance for everyone who has to read this!

          and I did googling and found you posted some stuff about what happened on Twitter which honestly is mixed feelings, which I read through and I now remember what happened.

          #1: I was a 16 year old back then, I was in a phase of attention seeking I guess.
          #2: While I still am not entirely sure why or what happened to make me claim others artwork, I have improved on my own art (not really improved lol) but wish to fix my reputation against you as a start.

          VVV!Cringe excuses below! VVV
          Please try not to take this and say “oh trying to get pitty FrIck OfF” I put these witty remarks to try and brighten the mood, as said before. I have no idea why I do it honestly, I just want to be clear to you and whoever reads that im not purposely making it sound pitiful. PLEASE do not take it this way!
          #3: gonna slam that oh my god classic little POS card excuse which probably will not end up helping me here in any way; I was really, really autistic back then. I guess I did it for attention. I really have no clue what my mind was doing then.
          #4: I just want to be able to support someone’s work I like. I hate doing this to you, and I’m sure you hate reading this…. if you even are… I mean comeon, I was a patreon and you literally refunded it and basically said GTFO I don’t want you here….. I know art stealing or whatever is absolutely terrible for artists, but that was a tiiiny bit harsh. If I was using it as a crutch to not get banned, then thats 100% fine…
          btw can I become a patreon again? lol. I feel like asking due to the above.

          1. Zedrin says:

            This isn’t really doing you any favors in persuading me to unban you. Quite the opposite, the repeat long posts are showing me that it’s better to trust my gut and maintain the ban.

            IIRC it wasn’t just you stealing art as well, you also attempted to claim credit for my own work. Removing your patreon support was 100% reasonable considering your actions made you a likely candidate for leaks (also according to your timeline you were most likely underage at the time anyway, which may have been another reason I removed you).

          2. Lulu says:

            because its gone too far to to reply back:
            if this was discord, this would be– ynowwhat ill still do it:
            ***__good point__***
            I guess I was under-age, and I didn’t realize it. I guess you saved me there lol.
            I thank you for responding. I don’t think I would have leaked anything , but fair. 100% just in both our eyes now.
            I just wanna say I kept trying to state this is not ment to guilt trip or stuff, but…yeah.
            Im not being sarcastic right now incase it comes across as being sarcastic, due to… ynow… its text on a screen. Thanks for reading some or most of this, and I guess ill leave you alone about the discord server.
            Sorry for all this, I just was trying to get my point across, ynow? I was not expecting a unban anyways. Hopefully this can make up for my ‘persuading’ you to unban me. (not sarcastic, genuine again.)
            Keep doing what you have been doing Zedrin, and can’t wait for the next page of the webcomic!

  12. Ender says:

    Watch, turns out socket is also a secret badass and we just don’t know it yet… I’m saying socket saves pivot

    1. MegaBoltX says:

      HEY!!! ………………
      There is not 1 damn thing that is “bad” about either Pivot’s or Socket’s ass~
      (This is a joke son, don’t take it seriously)

  13. Anonymous says:

    “Oh my god you are so *ucking full of yourself”
    Just love that little comment in that last panel. XD

    …also she can’t move? Well piss and blimey.

  14. MegaBoltX says:

    Socket if you’re still conscious over there then, GRAB YOUR GIRLFRIEND BY THE BOOTY AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE ALREADY!!!!!!

  15. ThatEntityGirl says:


    1. ThatEntityGirl says:

      I don’t know what’s more concerning, the idea that is Vocis is alive and is being kept in Hivewell’s “complex” probably as a converted brainwashed robot, or the fact that Hivewell seems to be fully aware that Pivot’s memory was wiped and is lying out of his ass. Well, I guess he could be lying about Vocis too… Honestly, there is just…. a lot to unpack here.

      This is going to be VERY interesting…

  16. CeeSea says:

    Gyro to the rescue!

    1. TheMjohann says:

      I bet that is why he asked for a map. For a breaker he have shown a lot of initiative and problemsolving before. He might be about to hatch a plan for a rescue.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Gyro Zeppeli? *Confused Jojo’s thoughts*

  17. Ummm says:

    “Doctor Hivemind”
    Gee, it’s like you WANT people to thing you’re a villain.

    1. Knightshade86 says:

      Dr. Hivemind kind of reminds me of maxamillian from overwatch

  18. Anonymous says:

    I hope she doesn’t fry her brains (again) trying to snap out of this paralisis

  19. Daybreaker7 says:


  20. AnyEdge says:

    Ha–called it! Big bad finally makes an appearance!
    Its kind of cool, but also kind of creepy, how Pivot is hearing her thoughts and the warnings from the AI she picked up…but also hearing Piper’s thoughts at the same time!

    She needs something(/one) to snap her out of her mental freeze. I’m sure the sound of Socket calling out to her would it…

    Then there’s the issue of getting out of that room. I’m sure Hivemind isn’t going to let her go so easily now that he has both her and the AI in his possession. Would the AI even have the ability to fight him? We don’t know what abilities he has himself.

    Also, her mother is still alive?!

    1. Dr Dinobot says:

      He could be lying, or he could be out of date. Who knows? I don’t!

  21. Judeo says:

    Yare yare daze…

  22. Stone says:

    Oh no…

  23. Commodore James says:

    only thing Pivot/Piper can just say to herself right now is

    “Get out of my head”

  24. The Wise Mankey says:

    Boy, if only our comments were in control like they used to be on Tumblr, she could REALLY use our help right about now…

    1. Anonymous says:

      “Grab the hottie and RUN!”
      That said, my feeling is the voice in her head is on her side in this case; getting a HUGE creep factor from Doctor Madscience there.

    2. zophah says:

      I’d vote for using the AMP to temporarily disable what is holing us back. Then we grab our girlfriend and punch our way out.

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