This isn't over.

135 – Intermission

Well that’s unnerving.

Special thanks to Reagan for recording for this!

BGM: Corner Cube, by Christian Anderson


15 thoughts on “135 – Intermission”

  1. Commodore James says:

    Yet another obstacle for Pivot

  2. Stone says:

    Unnerving? That’s an understatement if I ever saw one!

    This is downright ominous! And the addition of the voiceover to the comic itself is just… it… sent chills down my spine. I never expected the things to develop this way. Of course, Hivemind would not give up just after getting punched like that but… it seems there is… WAY more to this than meets the eye.

    Ah, amazing. I’m left *simply* amazed after this one. And… od dear… poor PV.

  3. RedSonic7RickOverload says:


    1. Anonymous says:

      You thought it was hive mind,
      but it was I DIO!!!

  4. Chungnos says:

    Now you know he dead

    1. Gojira_Tanaka says:

      Nope, by the sounds of it… he will pull an Ultron. Which means he has another body ready somewhere.

  5. Knightshade86 says:

    Damn it please dont tell me socket has gotten infected

  6. Arthuritto says:

    Some good characters require good amount of time to “be themself”

  7. robnot says:

    no … he is a puppet master.. no wonder he feels no pain,, he is not there.. he just transfers to the next body…
    or a matrix , till the next is done..

  8. Judeo says:

    I feel like rewriting the whole scene here. Here it is as it plays out in my little ol’ brain.

    *Time seemingly still*
    *Pivot looks to be shouting*
    *Socket looks shocked*
    *Gyro on his follow-through after attacking*

    “I don’t believe it. MY AMP!?”
    “Inara, you sly dog!”
    “Her genius and my own brilliance always had the potential to change science as we know it.”
    “And there it is, unfolding before me! Haha!”
    “Working even better than any model could have predicted!”
    “…It’s a shame it’s wasted on YOU.

    “I suppose you may enjoy this small victory…”
    “Hehe, is it even a victory?”
    “Contacts escaped. All evidence destroyed by you.”
    “All you did was delay the inevitable.”
    “You can’t stop PROGRESS.”

    “This is my only warning to you, Pivot.”
    “Walk away from this while you can.”

    “Unless you want to see your friends bleed for me.”

    *za warudo ends*

  9. MegaBoltX says:

    I’m sorry, what???

  10. Wrecker says:

    ok hive mind is officially a creepy fucker a creepy fucker who is going to watch is plains crumble a fail all because he screwed with the wrong little yellow robot girl

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is one spicy meatball

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