Now begins the war.

136 – Relief

The battle’s over.

Sorry for the week delay!

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46 thoughts on “136 – Relief”

  1. Commodore James says:

    At least Socket’s safe! 👍

  2. Judeo says:

    *While hugging each other.
    Pivot: “I’m…so sorry, Socket.”
    Socket: “…”
    Pivot: “…Socket?”
    Socket: “…just…a little longer.”
    Pivot: “…okay.”

    1. Daybreaker7 says:

      I love it. 🙂

  3. The Wise Mankey says:

    First order of business: Ask Socket why the hell she went in there.

    1. Zedrin says:

      she was literally just doing her job

      1. Ender says:

        Hey Zedrin, any plans on more of those voice recordings from the last slide, that was pretty cool, plus it’d be cool to have a voice to go with some of the other characters, like Pivot and Socket

        1. Zedrin says:

          Every character already has a voice actor determined. More voice clips (and animation even) are on the table, but the latter is a huge commitment.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Do you are have stupid

  4. Amalgam says:

    welp, guess someone needs therapy.


  5. Daybreaker7 says:

    Aww, and Gyro’s guarding them. 🙂

    1. Peteman says:

      When Gyro goes to Silicon Heaven, it’ll be the robotic equivalent of the Wholesome Memes Death and the Dog comic.

      1. Daybreaker7 says:

        🙁 I don’t wanna think about Gyro going out of commission.

        1. Anonymous says:

          I second this line of thought. Big Mecha Bro is best bro. 🙁

          1. Anonymous says:

            Hell yeah

  6. Stone says:

    Huh I… it took me this long to notice that your comics have tooltips/title messages attached for them with a bit more extra flavour text, Zedrin. Like this current one “now begins the war”, haha. Oh well, off to re-read whole comic again and hunt for all of those extra bits of text~

    And on the current developments, good to hear both PV and Socket being safe. And Gyro being good big “bro” as well. Hm… Socet’s will forever love PV now, won’t she?

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Chungnos says:


  9. Mercenaryx says:

    Wait, robot can cry? Seriously how expensive was her model?

    1. Judeo says:

      The dude that illegally made her is RICH.
      But then he let her go anyways.

      …I have a feeling we might get to meet Socket’s maker at some point.

      1. Daybreaker7 says:

        I honestly hope we do, I have a feeling he left with selfless intentions and it’d be a nice and/or bittersweet reunion if the meet each other again.

  10. Triforce of Doom says:

    So this is the first new strip for me since I caught up. What is the usual schedule like?

    1. Zedrin says:

      I update every other week, on sundays.

  11. HollowRetirbution says:

    Has done a comic dub of this comic

  12. CreasedFive-2 says:

    I’ve just found this comic through one of your old animations on youtube, the one that’s about the robot getting beaten to a pulp and is 3 years old.
    I love what I’ve seen so far! keep up the good work and stay safe.

  13. Darkclem says:

    So, i was wondering on youtube, and just find that, and in the same day, im gona ask the same question, why all female caracter with personality or beeing badas end up always beeing lesbian…? (and if im coorect i ask that to a “the last of us 2” video 5 hours ago… ) at this point, this is going to be a meme or a prejudice…but im ok with it >>

    1. Zedrin says:

      imagine implying that being gay is a meme.

      1. Darkclem says:

        It is a meme, but the problem is, inegality: what i mean is very often lesbian are well writen (like now, or even last of us 2) and can be a figure for homosexuality, BUT for gay, is the all oposite, often judge, often not well writen or even prejudice, that’s the problem, I claim if lesbian are well writen, gay MUSTE be well writen…but i think know why, because the poeple watching anime and manga are 70% at leas male, and, with all the commennt i see on this comic, lesbian are “cute”, gay are cute? no, so les’t make fun of it, that’s the spirit i think internet got, so this is inegality, of course ist only my point of view, but since you are the writeur of this comic, i would like to have your point of view in this situation (and sorry if some of my words have fauls, Im a baguette (french))

        1. Zedrin says:

          can there ever be a story featuring lesbian characters where someone doesn’t ask “well what about MALE homosexual relationships?” find out next time on dragonz ball pee.

          1. Darkclem says:

            Could you at LEAST try? -_-

        2. Judeo says:

          I’ve never heard of the word “inegality”. Social inequality might be a better word.

          Also, I’d like to clarify that your observation of lesbian characters being well written might be a case of survivorship bias. You see successful stories about lesbian characters and fail to see countless other lesbian stories that are horribly written.

          This is also true for gay stories as well.
          The internet will only show you things that you seek, and will feed you what you search for in very large amounts.

          There are successful gay stories, it’s just that the mainstream media chooses not to cover these stories.

          Lastly, inequality, in all its forms, is inherent in all things. Equality is a crutch for those who feel like they’re on the “shorter end of the stick” in an otherwise unfair world.

          I choose to accept this inequality because I know at some point, the opposite version of this tale will happen at some point.

          1. Darkclem says:

            well i said it already but im french so sorry for write “inegality” insteed of “social inequality”. And i don’t say lesbian story are always good (look my first comment, “Very often”) and same thing for gay, but point taked on the media fact, and i don’t know why media are like that….

  14. Lalantes says:

    Oh my! I’m so glad I found that video of Pivot shaking her booth on youtube! It led me to this!
    It’s been a while since I last saw this, in fact, probably around the 2010s? I see the story has changed dramatically, and I’m excited to see these new changes! For one, I already approve of the new girlfriend, and the plot seems to be progressing fantastically! Can’t wait for more!

    1. Zedrin says:

      Not that old, pivot was made in 2013, didn’t start the webcomic reboot til like 2017, lol.

  15. Blitz says:

    This took me 4 days and I love it

  16. KODS says:

    To be honest this series was kinda a cool concept at first, sorta liked the idea of the robot kinda following guidelines by her fans, makes it seem like they where involved or they had a helping hand of where the story went and what she did. But then the comments that the fans typed seemed to dissapeared from the cartoon/series and to the point where it isnt a main thing at all in the series. It kinda went down hill after there was some plot heavy scenes, so the most important things its like the comments wernt heard anymore.

    Like imagine her going freak mode like she did and we’d have to find the words to calm her down, sounds cool right? Thats where i thought this series was going and had alot of potential.

    Then also a lot of characters introduced to soon to each other, like a gf, landlord, the people she works with, etc… Like it seemed like she didnt work for alot of the stuff she got or the relationships.

    Then obviously theres no build up for anything big and no sophisticated storyline that will rivals something like the witcher 3, but the series has alot of potential and the animation and drawings look good.

    I know im being picky and I know i havent been here long, but theres seems to be things that could make this a great idea to a great story.

    P.S. If you read this its only meant to give you pointers and critique you a little, im new to your work so you can just write me off if you wanted.

    1. Zedrin says:

      I stopped doing the asks / questions because people actively kept trying to drive things off the rails, and it meant I had to wait before starting work on the next comic.

      This is a comic that was rebooted from an ask blog starting in 2015 as well. Also, Tumblr imploded, which made doing asks that much more difficult anyway.

    2. Zedrin says:

      also it’s a little presumptive to assume you know everything that I’m going to write in the future just based on me… stopping doing interactive posts? I don’t see how that tracks.

      But anyway go look at the tumblr askblog in the about page if you want more history. The plot elements you’re complaining about aren’t coming out of the blue. It’s still up even Tumblr isn’t active anymore.

      1. KODS says:

        i dont presume or assume anything like stuff in the background or stuff in the future. i dont try to predict or guess what goes where. I solely base my opinions of what is released and whats in front of me. i do however give examples of what would possibly be cool or a great idea, none of it is me hating or anything of the sort. i follow alot of deviant arts and patreons and tumlbr comics, etc. examples are some comics like law of talos, that exploded my mind back then with the potential and delivery.

        But enough about me and the post, the reason why i even posted that essay is because i thought this series had potential, the series have seemed to have gone to a great idea to another comic. why the law of talos was so great was because it took characters from different artists and combined it with their own story and put it into a huge tournament, they had their own unique thing that just made it so popular that it had its own animations, voice acting, music, etc.

        so in my mind i saw the beginning of this comic and i saw just as much potential, it would have the communication with audience, if you added a great story and those awesome animations you make, you had something that made it unique. so thats where i was coming from.

        ultimately its YOUR comic, its YOUR decision to do what you want with YOUR idea and hardwork. but whenever i work on a big project i always get a second opinion and i always see the opinions of my audience and i always enjoy it because im told how to improve myself. So i put out the review/essay or whatever you want to call it so youd have an opinion of an outside source or someway to improve your comic and remind you the roots of what made the comic popular.

        overal its your decision to ignore it or to listen to the critiques or any comments you get. its your decision how much time or work you want to put into it or what best for the story or characters.

        1. Namaco says:

          I this and I that… you condescending bitch, just reading your comments make me wanna slap you.

          But that’s just my opinion from what’s in front of me so take this critique to become less selfish, If you can’t understand why comments interactivity isn’t viable to tell a story that you do want to give life to then just go complain elsewhere.

          But again it’s YOUR life and YOUR freewill and YOUR right to express yourself just don’t use it to get high on peoples, it does go on peoples nerve.
          Just to be clear, it’s not the content of your comment but the way it’s written, that’s the issue, as if you where trying to nag or just annoy peoples.

          Finnaly, it’s my first comment here and I don’t know If I’ll get a notification of sort if you reply to this but anyhow I won’t continue this further, so peace out and have a great internet journey.

          1. KODSGaming says:

            Well idk what this comment is, maybe just defending the arthur even though i wasnt using hurtful words or trying to offend the arthur in anyway. “If you read this its only meant to give you pointers and critique you a little, im new to your work so you can just write me off if you wanted.”

            None of these words where meant for you, and i clearly state its my opinion and take it how he would take it. “overal its your decision to ignore it or to listen to the critiques or any comments you get.” I dont care if you dont respond to this either, this is for other people that actually read that your the only one here using rude accusations and rude sarcasm. “Just to be clear, it’s not the content of your comment but the way it’s written, that’s the issue, as if you where trying to nag or just annoy peoples.”

            he can also respond himself thank you sir. Im not high and mighty for having an opinion or to critique an artists work.”But again it’s YOUR life and YOUR freewill and YOUR right to express yourself just don’t use it to get high on peoples, it does go on peoples nerve.”

            P.S. Please try to use my words against me. Id be glad to answer anything that would seem rude or disrespectful about my opinion.

        2. Zedrin says:

          Critique is framed in the author’s best interest, and based on what they can do different: what you’re doing is 100% from your own interest. You might say that you’re trying to be altruistic to mask your pretentiousness, but nothing of what you’re suggesting or saying is taking into account what my goals are or what the limitations I work within are, or the history of the work.

          Your comments are basically overly long and flowery ways to express the simple sentiment of “I wish you still did the comments / interactivity in the comic.” Trying to qualify and justify how that would be an improvement is incredibly egocentric, because it literally *cannot* be justified–that hinges on factors outside my control. The faux-agreeable statements of “it’s YOUR comic / life” etc. easily come off as passive aggressive, (especially after the comments of “this comic had potential”) as you’re implying that your suggestions objectively would be improvements. (Yes, you’re being critiqued right now too. Funnily enough, even critique can be critiqued.)

          At the end of the day, your comments are pretty easy to dismiss because they’re not valid forms of critique.

          Some genuine advice for this kinda thing: If you want to critique people, first off, start by not comparing them to other artists: that’s a pain point for many artists already, and isn’t helpful. Secondly, shorten your statements to de-emphasize minor complaints. I don’t think you intended your comment to focus on the interactivity aspect this heavily. Third, acknowledge your own subjectivity. Coincidentally, subjectivity is fine to bring into critiques, but you need to acknowledge that it is subjective. Again, acting like you know for a fact that what you’re suggesting will improve my content (after I explained how it was making things more difficult and campy) is incredibly egocentric, whether or not you acknowledge it. And lastly, don’t tout yourself as an authority if you haven’t established any form of ethos. Your language strongly reads of someone who thinks themselves as having a bigger pedigree than they actually do / overvalues their own critique (and I can say this namely because, in the years of doing art, critiquing work, and being critiqued myself, I’ve identified this as a specific type of person who you fit the bill for tbh).

          I’ve done some videos on how to improve critique as well, if they’d interest you. I’d suggest giving them a watch.

    3. Judeo says:

      Just my assumption.

      Maybe it’s because the fans aren’t invested in the story enough that they actively derail the story in the first place.

      I dunno. I’ve read another web comic about a sad cat in the elder scrolls universe that tried to start a new life. She’s doing fine so far taking in “commands” from anonymous people in the internet.

      At this point, internet voices may work now since you have a respectable audience with you.

      …or it could go horribly, horribly wrong and I am so sorry if this suggestion worsens the writing.

      1. Zedrin says:

        Prequel has a sporadic update schedule, not a weekly / biweekly schedule.

        Doing interactivity basically means I have to at minimum double the time between updates.

        And again, I had been running the blog for nearly 3 years before doing the webcomic. I already have done the cost-analysis of interactivity. It’s not worth the amount of work it adds.

        1. Judeo says:

          Duly noted.

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