138 – Burden

This doesn’t seem like a good idea.

So, because WordPress is a garbage format, the previous webcomic had no way of showing up. Something got fucked file-wise and I couldn’t reupload it.

I seriously hate WordPress. Anyway, here’s the old description:

With that, this chapter is complete! Man that felt long. I’m going to be taking a few weeks off from working on the comic to give myself a bit of a break, maybe do some side or out-of-canon stuff too. I have a big amount of contract work to take care of which is also something I need to get done first. Be sure to follow me on social media so you know when the story returns!

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72 thoughts on “138 – Burden”

  1. Susie says:

    I love this to bits

  2. John says:

    This serious is good, don’t get me wrong, but I had a bit of trouble with actually understanding the story, like it feels a bit disjointed. I hope in the next part that this issue will be fix since it has damped my enjoyment of the series. Overall I liked it, but it’s not something that’ll re-read.

    1. Zedrin says:

      I hope that the recent chapter at least was more cohesive.

      The early parts of the webcomic are kinda a mess, which is a fault of being like 4 years old.

  3. NeosCity says:

    People are saying it would be great for socket to get weapons but doesnt she already have some i havent double checked but when pivots boss was saying she could be fired for having weapons pivot responded “didint stop you from hiring that big tiddied bitch” which i assume is talking about socket though pivot did later say it was about the person socket replaced but i think that was just to make socket feel better

    1. Zedrin says:

      That was actually a reference to the pre-reboot series, referring to EMRE.
      Unfortunately EMRE’s been totally removed from the comic as she was totally out of place, so that line really makes no sense now.

      There’s a lot I’d like to rewrite for the first 2 chapters.

      1. NeosCity says:

        oh good to know thanks for clearing that up

      2. Rembrandt Q. Einstein says:

        Aww, but I liked her. She had a nice grounded personality that contrasted with her design put everyone else into sharper relief.
        Maybe she can come back with a more reasonably sized chest, mention she’s upgraded herself since her last appearance?

        1. Zedrin says:

          I’ve considered it, with a BIG redesign. I got tired of the Stocking comparisons. Stocking was an inspiration but people kept saying “oh it’s robo-Stocking.”

          She didn’t really fit in well with the story in her original form. If I reintroduce her she’ll fit in a lot more, but that’s IF I even can.

  4. Judeo says:


    Socket: Hey, Pivot!
    Pivot: Mm?
    Socket: So I was thinking…
    Pivot: Mmhm?
    Socket: There’s gonna be a cosplay contest at the end of October again, right?
    Pivot: Yeah?
    Socket: I was thinking about what we should wear.
    Pivot: And?
    Socket: And I was thinking about us going in frog sui-
    Socket: Aww, but Collet and the others-
    Pivot: No, Socket!
    *Socket Puppy Eyes ACTIVATED*
    Pivot: No means no!

    *Later at the Party…
    *Pivot and Socket are in frog suits.
    Pivot: …
    Socket: Come on, Pivot! We’re about to take a company photo!
    Pivot: *Grumbles* Fine…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Late to ask this, but one question…frog suit? Wut?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Okay technically that was two questions but still, wut?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very nice discord server name Zed 🙂

  6. Ekimmak says:

    That moment where you read through an entire backlog of a webcomic, and realise now you’re going to have to wait like everyone else.

    1. TorchicEX says:

      Won’t be too much longer. He has his last commission I believe to do then he will be free to do what he wishes to do after.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is there eventually going to be a point when PV02 will follow an upload schedule?

    1. Anonymous says:

      There is an upload schedule. Every other Sunday. He’s just taking a break and doing contract work. It’ll be back when he’s done.

    2. 13781523 says:

      ^ His post on that, for those that want to see: https://www.pv02comic.com/updates-the-return-of-pv02-etc/

  8. Anonymous says:

    good comics are like drugs you feel great reading them but are crushed when you realise you gotta wait for more

    1. Anonymous says:

      that’s the best analogy that i’ve seen all day lol

  9. finn says:


    1. Zedrin says:

      No it’s not. PV02 will be back after I’m done with my contract work.

  10. Shadowknight says:

    I Began Reading This Comic Tonight. Finished All There Is Currently. Very Sad. Wish There Was More To Enjoy! I Like This Web Series Very Much.

  11. CTCrusader says:

    P.s I love this comic. It would make a good real life book. Keep up the good… scratch that… GREAT work!

  12. CTCrusader says:

    Are those shark guys the same guys that approached Thrash? AND did they cause the Kaiju to attack the beach? It seems pretty shifty that they meet with a Dr.Hivemind. Maybe Dr.Hivemind created the thing that allows those guys be able to control the Kaiju?

  13. val says:

    I doubt involving Socket can make things much worse for pivot. (but she’s adorable for wanting to protect her)

    Hivewell already intends to destroy everything important to her — that probably includes her GF. Getting her armed (heh) might make her safer in the long run.

    The asshole seems to have beef with Piper / Pivot for committing suicide instead of letting him take her over. I already can’t wait to see every face on every spare body of his punched in.

    Also: poor Socket! She’s just recording herself for her safety and then this happens. I get why she feels so terrible.

  14. Cat meme says:

    I dio hotdog will use power call the world gun
    But god like gun is my car so I got Michael bay
    Power with of meme god on my mic iPod
    I can use my b.s. power

    1. Anonymous says:


  15. Metal says:

    I’ve caught up? Already? Well great story can’t wait to see what will happen!

  16. Judeo says:


    Socket: So, Pivot, do you wanna go on another date?
    Pivot: Well, the last one kinda got interrupted with the whole kaiju attack and all…
    Socket: Don’t worry! I have a great idea about where to spend our date!

    Pivot: Uhh, Socket?
    Socket: Yes?
    Shows Pivot and Socket in the DOOM universe, kicking demon ass.
    Pivot: HOW DID WE GET HERE!?
    Socket: Oh, that? We entered a weird portal and-

    1. Anonymous says:

      *rip and tear intensifies*

  17. aCertainCrab says:

    OOOOooh HO HO Holy shit
    I came here after checking out your channel, knew you before from nsfw work and Hiro the Dense, was looking at your tutorials and then noticed links to your comic.
    Honestly, I was thinking this is gonna be like, 1-2 hours of reading an okey story with mild entertainment value, but instead, I got INVESTED. I kept reading for the characters, the story, the art (which I expected, love your stuff), and the comedy. TBH, this was probably my best spent 2.5 hours of this week. You’re a Legend to me, thank you for your work, I’ll try to support you on patreon or Ko-fi when I get the chance!

  18. Biancaaaa says:

    I really like this webcomic!! I had always known about pivot since I heard about you, but finding this is a very nice suprise!

  19. billcipher says:

    Pivot teaches her how to fight good

  20. billcipher says:

    Pivot teaches her how to fight

  21. spideymenz says:

    I just read the whole thing yesterday and I am HOOKED!

    Have yourself a long break sir, you’ve done good.

  22. Tenth says:

    Hey, uh, the ‘next’ button stopped working.

    1. Zedrin says:

      That’s cause there is no ‘next’. This is the end of the chapter and the last page of the comic until I start chapter 8.

      1. Tenth says:

        That was a joke… sorry 🙁

  23. Darkclem says:

    iiiii got a bad felliiiings about thiiiiiis >>

  24. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow… so I just binge-read through the whole of this comic thus far today and… what a moment to end on today with that update just yesterday. Wow.

    Also, given that Vigilance knows that Pivot’s weapons were made by Dr Hivewell… wouldn’t knowing what went down here with Hivewell make Vigilance perhaps a bit wary of Pivot?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Im gonna cry

  26. TorchicEX says:

    This has been one thrill ride of a chapter. Bless Socket’s heart for wanting to do something to help Pivot but I really hope she doesn’t end up in too much danger because of it. Pivot you better protect her and no self sacrifice business or else you will just make her even more sad.

  27. Amalgam says:

    Insert round a bout here.

    because I have nothing creative to say.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’ll be roundabout
      The words’ll make you out n’ out
      I’ll spend the day your waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

      1. Anonymous says:

        Call it morning driving through the sound and in and out the valleeeeeeeey

  28. Anonymous says:

    If Zedrin ever see this comment I just want to say ….. Thanks for replying my comment on YouTube 😂😂😂😭😭😭😤

  29. Anonymous says:

    Very nice job on this chapter Zed. Have a nice long break from this comic and come back fresh and renewed. See ya in a few weeks, although I hope we don’t have to wait too long.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Me too 😁

      1. Anonymous says:

        Hope he’s doing ok as well

        1. Zedrin says:

          im doin fine.
          just very busy.
          got contract work, a review, and a r34 animation I gotta get released

          1. Anonymous says:

            A what

  30. Commodore James says:

    So Socket recorded all the time, but she is pretty useful though Pivot lost the bug. Pretty hard if she were to be involved in Pivot’s vigilante work. But this has been a fascinating chapter. Can’t wait for the next one!

    1. CTCrusader says:

      Maybe it was company policy for Socket to record any guests that the company viewed as “suspicious”. Just trying to find out why the hell she was recording Dr.Hivemind

      1. Anonymous says:

        She said she records everything when she enters a private room. Probably to have evidence if someone tries to get “close” to her.

      2. Anonymous says:

        It’s for personal protection, and the recording is deleted after she is done.

        1. CTCrusader says:


  31. MegaBoltX says:

    To be honest, this will probably be a lot safer for Socket, bless her beautiful heart.

    1. Nickfan1 says:

      Yeah, she could probably be put in a witness protection program.

      1. Ari says:

        but if she’s put in witness protection that means she’s sent off somewhere else, that’s how witness protection works
        which means she no longer gets to see her gf

        1. Daybreaker7 says:

          Either she’d be under witness protection or have to join Pivot’s group and have self-defense upgrades…I vote on her hair having a gun. 🙂

  32. Blazing Peter says:

    Honestly, I can’t see the recording having anything good on it. Pivot’s probably fucked-

    Hivemind seems like that super powerful asshole that no-one can control-

    1. Daybreaker7 says:

      I just hope he doesn’t try to control anyone…I’m worried he might try to brainwash Gyro or even Flux.

  33. Judeo says:

    Relay: Sure thing, Pivot. What are best friends for? Let’s let a stranger go in and gain intel on-
    Relay: ARE YOU INSANE!?
    Relay: Huh? Yes, Axle, it’s Pivot…Yeah…she wants someone to head on over to HQ…
    Relay: …*SIGHS*
    Relay: She can come…BUT I’LL BE WATCHING.
    Pivot: …okay?

    1. Anonymous says:

      At least let Zedrin Think on what he has to Wright down for the next one man (SMH)

      …jk ;]

      1. Zedrin says:

        tbh, Judeo has only been accurate about 10% of the time, lol

        1. Judeo says:

          The amount of chicanery I’ve written may make that less than 5%.

          1. Daybreaker7 says:

            I for one love reading your comic predictions, they’re like small glimpse’s at “what-if” scenarios.

        2. Daybreaker7 says:

          10%? huh, not bad. 🙂

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