137 – Contact

I wanna go home.


29 thoughts on “137 – Contact”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reasonable authority figures? Really? I didn’t expect that.

  2. Namaco says:

    Hi Zedrin, first you can ignore this comment because it’s just a selfish demand but here it goes : could you do something about the pixelated lining ? I do like my line very smooth… but I do understand that leveling up the resolution may had time to draw these…

    Anyway I like your work, I can literally feel the hard work and passion in those. Who care if your not the best writter or story teller, as long as you’re passionate about what you do, it will be worth our while.

  3. OmegaDMM says:

    THIS! Now this would be a much better mega(wo)man tale! Dr. Wiley is much creepier this time around! Perhaps you might branch this story off into a few games as well? I know I would it them.

    1. OmegaDMM says:

      I know I would {i}like{/i} them.

      Correction from previous post.

  4. GarryAlways says:

    Discovered Pivot one day last week, found the comic the next day, got caught up on the third day.
    Pivot is my new favorite thing ^_^

  5. Judeo says:

    Pivot: So, uhh, Relay? Are you in comms?
    Relay: Yes, Pivot?
    Pivot: You didn’t give me an answer last time.
    Relay: About what?
    Pivot: About me keeping the suit.
    Relay: …
    Pivot: …Relay?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Right. I laughed. And can imagine Relay having the same reaction as last time Pivot asked that. XD

  6. Knightshade86 says:

    Damn Pivot looks exhausted

    1. Dizaster says:

      I think it’s more the shock of ‘everything you care about was just threatened’ is still setting in

  7. Daybreaker7 says:

    Gyro is best wingman. 🙂

  8. Meem says:

    I’m still surprised that Pivot has those thicc thighs after all that has happened.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well what do you expect? Gotta have thicc legs to kick so much robutt!

      1. Ghost_Writer says:

        I think they keep getting thiccer.

        1. Anonymous says:

          maybe pivot was wearing extra thicc pants lol

        2. GarryAlways says:

          It’s the camera lens and the angle

          1. Meem says:

            I think this person has a point.

  9. Darkclem says:

    I don’t know if it was already said, but when she got that flashback when she can’t stop saying “get off of my head” i notice the red face we saw look a bit similar to that robot (or humain, you know…illegal thing ist not a problem for them at this point…) who call himself “father” so pobably the creator of pivot…

    oh and Gyro is best boy

    1. Renadt says:

      In the memories that were restored, Pivot was originally Piper Vocis, where the PV comes from, while the 02 comes from the fact that this is the second body, where she was a blank slate. Hivemind was originally her “stepfather” Dr. Hivewell. The technology that made PV-01 also made Hivemind, and he practically raped her internally (not sexually but entered her body without consent).

      1. Darkclem says:

        Ah piss, i don’t read the original…so im a bit confuss…

      2. Darkclem says:

        and with that say, im asking myself… when her second body was made and most importante, who place her “consiense” into that new body?

  10. Amalgam says:

    at least socket isnt dead.

    thats what matters now.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Kanye west

  12. Chungnos says:

    Gyro is best friend

    1. Anonymous says:

      Best boy

  13. Stone says:

    Gyro’s cool caring teammate and mobile storage system. It’s hard not to value him as a necessary member of those operations.

  14. Commodore James says:

    Once again I’m happy Socket was safe.
    I fear now after what happened- Pivot’s gonna be facing some backlash.

    1. Daybreaker7 says:

      Well, at least HQ was worried about her.

      1. GoldenHolder11 says:


    2. Dizaster says:

      Only backlash I can see her getting is her apparent history with hivemind. It sounds like they already knew things would go bad

      But now pivots… Well everything… Is targeted… Socket probably most of all since hivemind knows about her

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